Hallowe’en Legends

Second classes came together to hear the legend of ‘The Witch With The Long Black Hand’.

We had great fun listening to Mr. Birmingham tell this scary Hallowe’en story.

Christmas concerts 2012

Lots of clases in St. Louis were preparing songs and learning lines for their big Christmas concert performance.

All of the pupils looked really good in their costumes.

Everybody was great!

Room 14 – drama activity

Room 14 had great fun learning about World War II.

They all then acted out scenes from a World War 2 air-raid shelter.

Well done everyone.

5th class – Anti bullying workshop

The boys and girls in 5th class were invited to Halla Cullen to take part in an anti bullying workshop.

The boys and girls got to watch a drama about anti bullying and then they all got to take part in some of their own anti bullying dramas and activities.

Drama: Getting Into Role

DRAMA: Getting into Role
We had such fun dramatising the poem ‘The House with Nobody in it’. We all had the opportunity to take different roles and practice pupil in role. Ms. O Hara also went into role! It was lovely to move around the room and work together in pairs and in groups exploring poetry!