Listening to 6th class in Room 12

The 6th class pupils were busy writing stories and then they went to Room 12 and shared them with the 2nd class pupils.

It was so interesting to hear their stories.


Procedural writing in Room 12

Room 12 were learning about procedural writing this week.

They were using their skills to write the instructions for making a piece of toast and making chocolate cornflake cups.

Well done everyone!

Limericks in Room 15

Room 15 were learning about poetry and in particular Limericks.

Limericks are 5 lines long and can be funny.

We got into groups and worked on writing our Limericks and then we performed them for the class!

Free writing in Room 17

Every week we let the class of room 17 do free writing. Some children are writing poems, stories, comic books, a series of a story with a friend and drawing pictures to add to their stories. This week we had two girls, Charlie and Misheel, read their story. They wrote a scary story and they read it to the class. We really enjoyed it!

Written by Theo and Eduard

Roald Dahl Day in Room 9

Room 9 celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September by dressing up and having an art lesson inspired by Roald’s Dahl’s book The BFG. Check out our great costumes and dream jars!

Banana Man in Room 12

Sadhbh reads her novel Banana Man to the class. She also worked with other boys and girls to design the cover, blurb and illustrations! You can read her book in the library of Room 12.


Paired reading – Room 10 & Room 12

The boys and girls in Room 12 were paired together to read with pupils from Room 10. They helped with reading and understanding new words.

6th class table quiz

Room 17 had great fun at Mr. Greene’s 6th class Table Quiz!

Persuasive posters in Room 15

The pupils were working hard on persuasive language in English and wrote letters and created group posters.

They were trying to create a poster campaign for a new brand of roller skates. They presented them to the class.


Procedural writing in Room 12

Literacy: Room 12 were learning about procedure writing. How to make a jam sandwich.