Procedural Writing and Presentations in Room 15

We have been spending the last few weeks working on both our procedural writing and oral language skills. We worked hard in our pods to create our own procedure presentations remembering both the procedure writing structure and language features. Check out the following videos to see our final masterpieces!

Pod 1: How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Pod 2: How to Make Hot Chocolate

Pod 3: How to Make Smores

Pod 4: How to Make Rocky Road

Riddle challenges in Room 3

We’ve been working through some daily riddle challenges and even making some of our own!

The make and do show 2020 in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were learning all about procedural writing and decided to make some tutorial videos using the procedural skills we learned.

We worked in our pods to write the scripts (remembering our procedural language), we prepared the onjects that we needed and we shot our tutorial videos.

We hope you enjoy them.

There are videos titled:

How to be safe in school during Covid-19

How to make hot chocolate

How to play sticks

How to make a paper Christmas wreath



Procedural writing in Room 8

In English we have been learning how to write procedures. We wrote a recipe for hot chocolate and decided to try it out! We added a selection of toppings- white chocolate, milk chocolate, marshmallows, cream and sprinkles. What’s your favourite? Have a look at Emma and Taya’s copies if you’d like to try out this delicious recipe!

Adjective fun in Room 3

Room 3 had great practice with some new adjectives, as we passed out compliments to one another!

Novel work in Room 16

Great work being done on our class novel ‘Charlotte’s Web’.
A super display of comprehension, prediction and artistic skills being put on display daily!
Keep up the fantastic work Room 16!

Project presentations in Room 13

In Room 13, we have been very busy working on projects about the Native Americans.
Today we got to show off our hard work by doing Project Presentations. We spoke about our different subheadings, read our favourite parts, talked about our drawings and about what we enjoyed and found difficult.
We learned so much from each other’s hard work and enjoyed the process of doing a project. 😊

Oral language lessons in Room 9

Some pupils in Room 9 were showing the class their pets. Talk and discuss during snack time.

Procedural writing in Room 13

We were learning all about Procedural Writing in Room 13 and each of us picked our favourite recipe and wrote it out to be included in a cookbook!
Adelina and Isabela designed a cover for the cookbook, which suits it perfectly! Thank you!
We will keep busy this mid-term break by trying out each other’s recipes!

Boggle in Room 3

We had great fun with our boggle competitions in room 3. We found some 8-letter words!