Learning about gender stereotyping

Room 11 were learning about gender stereotyping, and RTE News2Day came into our class to find out what we thought! Gender stereotyping is when some people think that certain characteristics or jobs belong only to boys or girls. We loved learning about how the filming, editing and producing happens.

Have a watch to see what we think!

https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/news2day-30001385/10967278/ (PS, We start at 05.05!)


Spooky stories in Room 17

For Halloween we all wrote spooky stories. They were all very scary and  Ms. Hanrahan came in to look at all the stories and it was very fun for us and the teachers.

By Alex Plesca & Darragh O’Brien

Radio show in Room 13

We have really been enjoying Oral Language Lessons in Room 13!

We hope you enjoy the Radio Show that we put together for you all as our listeners…Please note, some of the content is fictional 😊


We hope you had a spoooktacular Hallowe’en Break!

Persuasive posters in Room 15

Th pupils in Room 15 became advertisement executives and they were trying to invent and advertise a new toy.

They worked together in groups. Some pupils were the inventors, some designers and some worked on their presentation skills and a jingle for their product.

They then presented their finished product to the class.

Well done everyone!

Listening to 6th class in Room 12

The 6th class pupils were busy writing stories and then they went to Room 12 and shared them with the 2nd class pupils.

It was so interesting to hear their stories.


Procedural writing in Room 12

Room 12 were learning about procedural writing this week.

They were using their skills to write the instructions for making a piece of toast and making chocolate cornflake cups.

Well done everyone!

Limericks in Room 15

Room 15 were learning about poetry and in particular Limericks.

Limericks are 5 lines long and can be funny.

We got into groups and worked on writing our Limericks and then we performed them for the class!

Free writing in Room 17

Every week we let the class of room 17 do free writing. Some children are writing poems, stories, comic books, a series of a story with a friend and drawing pictures to add to their stories. This week we had two girls, Charlie and Misheel, read their story. They wrote a scary story and they read it to the class. We really enjoyed it!

Written by Theo and Eduard

Roald Dahl Day in Room 9

Room 9 celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September by dressing up and having an art lesson inspired by Roald’s Dahl’s book The BFG. Check out our great costumes and dream jars!