Boggle in Room 3

We had great fun with our boggle competitions in room 3. We found some 8-letter words!

Procedural writing in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 were making toast for a procedural writing activity.

Procedural writing in Room 1

Room 1 have started learning about procedural writing. Today we instructed Ms Bennett how to make a cheese sandwich. These were the results!! We learned quite quickly how important it is to write detailed instructions. I don’t think anybody would like the first sandwich we made!

Spellings For Me in Room 6

Room 6 are getting into the swing of our new Spellings programme Spellings for Me. We have been using strategies like letter strings, silly sentences and hangman. What a fun way to learn our spellings!

Busy September in Room 6

September has been a very busy month for all in Room 6. We have been learning about recount writing, the human skeleton, County Meath and all about schools in the past! We are also being extra kind to try our best for Friendship Fortnight. We are keeping track of our acts of kindness and we conducted a Friendship Egg Experiment.

Our focus is that ‘Kindness costs nothing, but means everything’


Spellings For Me on the ipads in Room 10

Room 10 having an excellent time using the ipads to work on our Spellings For Me Programme!

Spellings For Me work with Room 8

Today we enjoyed working on our dictation sentences and playing some games on Spellings for Me in the computer room!

ipads in Room 1

Room 1 were so excited to use the iPads. We used them to make our learning more fun. We really love mentimeter. It’s a fun way to check what we can remember learning!

Oragami paper folding in Room 8

n Room 8 we love relaxing with a good book! We made our own personalised monster bookmarks using origami paper.

Spellings For Me in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy in their pods in the computer room today testing their spellings using Spelling For Me. We then got to use our new learning words in our Spellings For Me book. We did letter strings, mnemonics and found words within words.

It is such a great way to practice our spellings!