Room 15 – Hour of Code – Technology

We went to the computer room with some people from Microsoft to take part in the Hour of Code.

It was really great to learn all about coding and making our own games on the computer.

Thanks to Mr. Roche for organising it.

ixl in full swing in Room 4 – Technology

The boys and girls in Room 4 were working hard at some online maths challenges.

Room 1 – Computer room fun!

We really enjoyed our first trip to the computer room! This week we were busy working on our mouse skills.

Room 14 – EU PowerPoints

5th class in Room 14 are busy learning about the European Union and it’s countries. We’ve each taken a country and are creating a PowerPoint project about these. This involves a lot of research of the country and learning how to create a PowerPoint. It’s a great, fun and new way to do a project though!

Room 7 – using computers to make comics

Room 7 were using the computers to make their own comics.

They are really great.

PowerPoint skills in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 were very busy this week using PowerPoint and creating some very informative presentations all about the human heart.

Well done!

Internet research in Room 6

The boys and girls in room 6 have been busy  researching India. They are learning lots of interesting facts.

Scratch programming in Room 1!

Room 1 had a wonderful time learning about ‘Scratch Programming’ in the computer room with  Mr. Roche and the pupils from Room 12. We learned all about how to choose and design our own characters and backgrounds. We were also very excited to see some of the 4th class finished projects. These projects were so creative and really inspired 2nd class!  

Computer room fun in Room 1

Room 1 were very busy researching some Irish garden birds today. Some boys and girls chose the robin, others learned about the wren. We discovered lots of interesting facts about where they nest and what they like to eat. We’re already looking forward to our next trip to the computer room!

Festive Fun in Room 6

The boys and girls in room 6 have been busy creating festive designs and crafts and completing Christmas themed ICT activities.