Coding skills in Room 12

Sara was showing Room 12 her coding skills.

PowerPoint presentations in Room 1

Room 1 were busy learning how to make PowerPoint presentations. We will be creating one each in our oral language and creative writing lessons!

Keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks!

Coding in Room 10 – Technology

The pupils learned all about coding from employees of Microsoft. It was very interesting to learn how to write code and instruct the computer to do different tasks.

There was a whole school participation in this coding lesson over two days. Each of the 17 classes were scheduled for a period of 40 minutes on April 23rd and April 24th.

Microsoft hour of code in St. Louis – Technology

Some Microsoft employees were in St. Louis and they were completing an hour of code with every class in the school.

All of the pupils learned about coding and writing computer code.

It was really interesting!

Room 6 – coding competition – Technology

Coding Competition
Here are some of the games we made for the Coding Competition. Have fun trying them out!
Órla – Help Anna Pack for her Holidays:

Peer tutoring in Room 1

We worked on our typing skills in the computer room today. We typed paragraphs all about ourselves and wrote about our hobbies. Room 1 really enjoyed working with the boys and girls from Room 15 on this activity.


Room 6 – busy with the scratch computer programme – technology

The boys and girls in Room 6 were busy creating projects using the scratch computer programme. They can also work on their projects at home.

Room 15 – Hour of Code – Technology

We went to the computer room with some people from Microsoft to take part in the Hour of Code.

It was really great to learn all about coding and making our own games on the computer.

Thanks to Mr. Roche for organising it.

ixl in full swing in Room 4 – Technology

The boys and girls in Room 4 were working hard at some online maths challenges.

Room 1 – Computer room fun!

We really enjoyed our first trip to the computer room! This week we were busy working on our mouse skills.