Zoom assembly in Room 9

There was lots of excitement for their first Zoom Assembly with Mrs Hanrahan and the other 2nd classes.

History homework in Room 9

The pupils were sharing their homework about toys from their past for History.

ipads in Room 1

Room 1 were so excited to use the iPads. We used them to make our learning more fun. We really love mentimeter. It’s a fun way to check what we can remember learning!

ipad mapwork in Room 15

Room 15 were busy learning and testing their geographical knowledge on both Irish counties and European countries through mapwork games on the iPads.

Spellings For Me in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy in their pods in the computer room today testing their spellings using Spelling For Me. We then got to use our new learning words in our Spellings For Me book. We did letter strings, mnemonics and found words within words.

It is such a great way to practice our spellings!

ipad work in Room 8

Today in Room 8 we got to use the iPads! We worked on Spellings for Me, tested ourselves on the counties of Ireland and did some programming work on Scratch!

ipad research in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy preparing for their projects all about Dublin with some research on the ipads. We were finding out all about different tourist attractions in the capital city!

ICT fun in Room 7

Research using our new tablets.

Room 1 trip to Google

The boys and girls from Room 1 were so lucky to get to visit Google this week, thanks to Chloe!

We walked to Barrow Street down the Canal and were met by Marta and Katie there. They showed us all around the Google offices and buildings.

We were amazed at all the cool stuff there. The views of Dublin were great too!

Thanks so much to Google for having us!

Comic Life in Room 12

Room 12 were busy making comics! We worked in pairs, using props from our classroom, to create comics on the iPads.
Check out our creative comics!