Collecting data in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about data with Ms Butler. We compared the number of sweets in each box and made corresponding bar charts. There weren’t many twirls. We of course sampled some of the chocolates. What a tasty way to learn about data!

Learning about symmetry in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 were cutting, folding and highlighting to find symmetry in shapes.

Maths Week in Room 6

Room 6 were very busy using their maths eyes during maths week.

Maths week activities in Room 9

Maths Game called  ‘Three in a Row’ for Maths week in Room 9.

Maths competition in Room 3

We got very competitive in Room 3 today, playing maths games against one another on the IPads!

Room 4 have has a busy October

We have had a lot of fun in Room 4 this October. With Friendship Fortnight, Maths week and Halloween prep, we have been very busy. We’re certainly ready for a good rest on the midterm break. We’re really looking forward to our pumpkin raffle on Friday, I wonder who will win. Happy Halloween everyone!


St. Louis celebrates Maths Week 2020

All of the pupils in St. Louis SPS were busy taking on lots of different maths challenges last week. They were using their maths eyes to complete different maths tasks.

Well done everyone!

Maths week fun in Room 8

In Room 8 we had great fun celebrating Maths Week. We had a go at solving riddles, estimating the amount of marbles in a jar, taking part in a virtual maths trail and playing lots of maths games. Here we are inventing our own maths board games. We’re looking forward to playing them next week!

Maths week challenge in Room 5

The boys ad girls in Room 5 went on a line hunt in the school. We were searching for vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular and diagonal lines!


Maths week activities in Room 11

We made staircases with cubes as part of Maths Week! It was a great hands on learning activity!