Card games in Room 9

Check out these super card games that the pupils were playing in Room 9!

Maths skills in Room 9

Room 9 revising and practicing their tens and units.

Maths fun in Room 3

Room 3 had great fun practising addition and subtraction with a fun game!

Pattern work in Room 9

Room 9 using pastels to draw a landscape through patterns.

Budding engineers in Room 16

Room 16 was busy engineering Da Vinci bridges!’ Great effort from everyone, working so well in their pods.

Snakes and ladders fun in Room 9

The boys and girls were learning all about counting and games in Room 9.

6th class maths in the new school year!

Mr Coghlan’s class were busy getting to know their pods using Math Bingo!

Room 7 – learning about large numbers

Room 7 were working with steady hands, teamwork and large numbers.

Pancake Tuesday in Room 13

We were so lucky that Ms Stone (expert pancake maker) came into our class to show us how to make the perfect pancake. To make the batter you need flour, milk and eggs. We all got the chance to flip the pancakes. Did you know the world’s largest pancake is bigger than 15m in diameter?!!!

Maths in Room 2

Room 2 took each others measurements at the end of the week.