Making big numbers in Room 7

Capacity with Room 3

We worked on capacity this week in maths. We estimated in our pods, guessing how many smaller containers it would take to fill larger containers. Then, we tested them out!

Attacking maths in Room 3

We worked out some tricky word problems together on individual whiteboards!

Capacity in Room 1

Active learning of capacity in room 1!

Area with Room 9

Learning about area in Math.
We also did P. E in the rainbow yard.

Making pie charts in Room 13

Room 13 were painting during yesterday’s Maths lesson! Each pod came up a question to collect data on.  They then surveyed the class to collect their data. They then created and painted Pie Charts to represent this data. Check out our display on the top corridor to learn what our favourite subjects are, which class novels we’ve enjoyed most this year, to learn which projects we’ve enjoyed doing and lastly, what the most preferred PE activity is!

Patterns in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about patterns in maths. We used our maths eyes to discover patterns all around the school. Here are some of the patterns we made!

2D shapes in Room 9

Room 9 were learning about 2d shapes in maths.

November and December in Room 1

Room 1 have been learning lots. We made fairy doors out of clay. We practiced making change from €1. We played lots of Irish games!