Capacity with Room 11

This week in Room 11 we are learning all about Capacity. Today we made the most of the lovely sun and we went out to measure the capacity of different containers using non-standard units 🙂

Construction in Room 13

Room 13 have been having fun with 3D shapes this week! Check out our constructions that we made using playdough and matchsticks!

We see your point! – decimals with Room 13

Last week we learned about decimals in Room 13 and dialled our maths eyes up a gear to find decimals in our environment. As part of our work on decimals we measured the members of our pods and ordered ourselves from tallest to shortest and had a lot of fun doing so!


Measurement in Room 8

Room 8 are learning all about measurement in Maths! We had a fun and practical lesson this morning measuring the length of our yard and classroom items, using trundle wheels and metre sticks!

Fraction fun in Room 13

Last week in Room 13 we looked at fractions. We had different stations during our maths lessons and at each station we had challenges to complete. Our favourite item to make fractions from were pizza’s!

Tangrams in Room 5

We were learning about Tangram puzzles in Room 5. We made different shapes!

Data in Room 1

Room 1 have been learning about data and how to take a tally. We tallied the number of each colour in a smarties tube. It made for a very tasty maths lesson!

Aren’t We Acute? 🤸 🔺

This week in Maths we learned about lines and angles. We used our maths eyes to find examples of parallel, oblique and perpendicular lines and acute, obtuse and right angles in our school!


We even did some yoga and found lines and angles in the different poses! Check out our downward dog, tree pose and cow pose! 🤸

Room 1 go crazy for patterns

Room 1 have been learning about patterns. Our maths eyes have been on searching for patterns everywhere we go. Some children even wrote their own odd and even poems. We created beautiful pattern art using the initial of our first name. These can be spotted outside room 1. See how many patterns you can find!

Room 13 become mathematic mind readers

Room 13 became Mathemagicians this week as part of Maths Week!
We learned about binary numbers and were taught a cool trick which meant we could ‘mathematically mind read’ and used our quick mental maths to figure out the number that our classmates were thinking of. We had great fun!