Mental maths in Room 10

Room 10 practicing their mental subtraction skills using playing cards!

Learning about shapes in Room 10

Room 10 learning about which shapes tessellate and which don’t!

Angles in a triangle with Room 5

5th class were learning about lines and angles this week. We learned that all 3 angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees. We tested on lots of different shaped triangles!

Maths in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on subtracting two digit numbers. We used the iPads for the first time to say to practise our subtraction skills!

Mental maths skills in Room 10

Room 10 playing a game of “three in a row” to practice our mental addition!

Making big numbers in Room 7

Capacity with Room 3

We worked on capacity this week in maths. We estimated in our pods, guessing how many smaller containers it would take to fill larger containers. Then, we tested them out!

Attacking maths in Room 3

We worked out some tricky word problems together on individual whiteboards!

Capacity in Room 1

Active learning of capacity in room 1!