Symmetry in Room 15

Room 15 were learning all about symmetrical shapes in maths this week.

We drew half of a shape and then our friends had to complete them making them symmetrical.


Learning about decimals in Room 15

The pupils were learning about place value in decimals.

With the help of some pupils in Room 15 we were able to figure out the correct place for each value in the number.

Does it tessellate???

Room 15 were learning all about 2-D shapes.

We learned about tessellation – that means shapes closely fitted together, in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping.

We then investigated whether different 2-D shapes tessellated.


Maths fair fun in Room 2

Room 2 went to Halla Cullen and took part in the maths fair. They learned lots of new things and tried some mathematical activities.

Maths trail in Room 2

The pupils in Room 2 went all around the school trying to find mathematical answers for their maths trail.

Maths fair in Room 12

The pupils in Room 12 went to the maths fair this week.

They learned all about weight, length, shape and measure from the pupils in Room 5. Well done everyone!

Maths Fair – Room 15

Room 15 went to Halla Cullen this week to take part in the maths fair.

We learned about length, weight, measures and shape. It was so well organised by Room 5. Thanks to everyone involved.

Maths Fair fun in Room 10

Room 10 had a great time at the Maths Fair this morning. Thanks to Room 5 for organising some fantastic maths activities!

Learning about angles in 4th class

Room 15 were learning about acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles. We found lots of angles in our school!

Learning about lines and angles in 4th class

Room 15 were learning about different lines and angles in our environment.

We went on a hunt around school for parallel, diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines!