Maths Fair fun in Room 10

Room 10 had a great time at the Maths Fair this morning. Thanks to Room 5 for organising some fantastic maths activities!

Learning about angles in 4th class

Room 15 were learning about acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles. We found lots of angles in our school!

Learning about lines and angles in 4th class

Room 15 were learning about different lines and angles in our environment.

We went on a hunt around school for parallel, diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines!

Maths competition in 2nd class

Maths competition between Room 8 and Room 12. It was a close match but Room 12 won by one point. Well done!

Room 6 – scratch projects -Technology

Room 6 made these tables games in Scratch.
Test out your + – x / and see what score you can get!!!!

Young Scientist: Tables Games

Molly B & Egshiglen:

Layla & Anú:

Deogra & Valerie:

Makenzie & Jennifer:

Zofia & Gana:

Daniel & Michal:

Sergiu & Oisín:
Francis & Molly S:

Ali & Rachel:

Milo & Oscar:

Sally & Darcey:
Emma, Hanna & Andrea:

Room 12 – learning about weight – Maths

Room 12 are learning about weight in Maths!

Room 12 – learning about measurement – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 5 helping Room 12 measure their body parts for Maths.

Room 12 – Maths with 6th class

The boys and girls in Room 5 were making new maths games and went to the second classes to play the games with them.

Everybody had great fun learning maths through new games and activities.

Maths activities in Room 12

Room 12 were busy during maths class this week.

They were playing lots of games and doing maths activities to help with their maths skills.

2nd class at the maths fair – Maths Week 2017

Everybody was very busy using their maths eyes at the maths fair this year.