Music appreciation!

2nd and 3rd class had a lovely morning listening to members of the St. Louis Orchestra play some beautiful instruments. We also learned all about the four instrument families: brass, wind, string and percussion. We were so impressed with all the talented musicians in our school!

Talented musicians in Room 5

Evan and Lena treated us to their musical talents today. It was so great to hear them play.

Well done!

Rap skills in Room 3

We looked at the basics of rap music today! We got a chance to write a rap in our pods and share it with the class. We wrote some very creative raps about animals, food, and a weekly plan!

Garda band visit St. Louis!

We were lucky enough to be treated to a concert from the Garda Band this week. They were coming to help us celebrate the 80th birthday of St. Louis.

we learned all about the different instruments used in the band and listened to songs.

We sang along and some pupils even became conductors.

It was great fun!

Room 10’s Got Talent

The boys and girls in Room 10 were sharing their talents with the class!

Musical talents in St. Louis SPS

These St. Louis girls were performing in AIB, Rathgar.

Making sweet music in Room 15

We learned a song called ‘Rocky Mountain’ and we composed our own music to go along with the song.

It was great to work together and also listen to each other perform.

X- Factor hits 2nd class

All four second classes have been talking turns hosting X-factor. It’s been great fun watching all the talent in second class!


Music concert to celebrate Ms. Ryan

Last week all of the pupils and staff came together to celebrate all that Ms. Ryan has done for music in St. Louis.

We heard the junior orchestra and lots of other musicians too.

It was a great day.

Thank you Ms. Ryan!!

Room 12’s got talent

Room 12 held their own talent show.

The acts were incredible!