End of year choir performance

The St. Louis choir treated the parents to their end of year performance. It was clear how much work the pupils and all of the choir teachers put in throughout the year.

Well done.


Platform concert 2018

Lots of pupils auditioned to be a part of the platform concert this year. Some people made it through the auditions and onto the stage.

Well done to all who auditioned and all who took part.

End of year music concert

The pupils were treated to a music concert in Halla Cullen today. We heard lovely pieces of music from the junior orchestra.

we heard solo and group pieces too. The pupils used different instruments to create their sound.

It was great fun!

Brass quintet visit St. Louis

We were all treated to some lovely music in Halla Cullen today from a brass quintet. They spoke about and played their instruments. It was super fun.

Musical treats in Room 15

Room 15 pupil Jiali treated the pupils in Room 15 to a musical performance this week.

She was playing the guzheng which is a traditional instrument from Asia and it sounded fantastic.

Thank you so much Jiali.

Music department concert

The music department and orchestra put on a concert to showcase the musical talent in St. Louis SPS.

It was a super night – Well done everyone!

Army Band visit St. Louis

The Army band came to visit St. Louis and all of the pupils went to Halla Cullen to learn about the different instruments and hear lots of super music from the band.

It was great to learn so much about the different instruments.

Graffiti Classics visit St. Louis

Graffiti Classics music company came to St. Louis and played their classical instruments.

They were playing lots of fun games and activities involving music and classical instruments.

It was great fun.

Musicians in Room 14

Room 14 were busy creating musical compositions based around the theme of winter. We recorded ourselves performing and were able to see how we looked and sounded when we watched it back. We were also able to identify the things we would improve on or things we liked about our performance. This was really useful for our big performance when Ms. Clerkin’s 2nd class from Room 1 came to watch us. They were the perfect audience!

Special talents in Room 4

Ciaran was showing his musical talents in Room 4. Well done!