Active Week 2022 – Day 5

On the final day of Active Week 2022, we were doing hockey, basketball and high jump!

Active Week 2022 – Day 4

On day 4 we did dodgeball, gymnastics and GAA skills.

Active Week 2022 – Day 3

On Day 3 we had aerobic fitness circuits, dance and soccer skills!

Active Week 2022 – Day 2

On day 2 we had Sports Day! We did so many activities and had so much fun!

Active Week 2022 – Day 1

We were busy on Day one with dodgeball, rugby and yoga.

Fantastic Gymnastics in Room 13

Room 13 rolled into the week with a super forward roll class with Ms. O’ Neill as part of Active Schools Week. We got to practice the five steps involved in forward rolling like a professional and then got to put these steps together to execute some very fine forward rolls. Thank you to Ms. O’ Neill for the enjoyable class!

4th Classes Make a Splash at the National Aquatic Centre 🐳

The 4th classes recently went on their school tour to the National Aquatic Centre where they had a blast on the slides, rapids and pools. We then stopped off for some fun at Tymon park before making it back to school just in time for home time. 

Everyone had a really great day!

More Crystal Maze fun!

5th class visit The Crystal Maze!

The 5th classes went on their school tour to The Crystal Maze.

The day was filled with fun challenges and activities. We had to earn crystals in order to win a trophy for the school.

We even got to do some water activities in the river. It was a super day!