Aboriginal dance in Room 6

Room 6 have really enjoyed learning about Australia this month. During P.E this week we had great fun creating some Aboriginal dances!

P.E with Room 6

Room 6 have been really enjoying their PE time down in the Army Barracks. This week we did relays and hoola hoop games. We were also working on our balancing skills. It was great fun!

Jumping skills in Room 4

In Athletics yesterday, the children were working on different hopping activities.

Active fun with Room 3

Room 3 were enjoying some active fun in the barracks!

Frisbee Fun with Room 10

Room 10 were practising their throwing and catching skills in the Cathal Brugha Barracks this week using the foam frisbees!

Celebrating Bike Week in Room 12

Celebrating Bike Week 2021 with a Pedal Power Workshop.

P.E at the Barracks with Room 1

Room 1 have really been enjoying going to the Barracks for PE. We practised team games which included moving a hulahoop all around a circle without letting each others hands go! After a few goes we were experts at it!!

Learning about energy with Room 5

Room 5 went to Ken in the hall today and he discussed with us all about the energy we use everyday while using different household appliances.

We then got to see how much energy we could produce ourselves on a bike and we found out which appliance we would power for 20 seconds. We learned all about watts in energy.

It was so interesting!


P.E with Room 10

Today was Room 10’s first trip to the Barracks for PE. We were practicing our throwing skills using the javelins!

Sports day with Room 2