Celebrating Lent in St. Louis

As we prepare for Easter this Lent we are trying to Make a Difference in St. Louis. We are Celebrating Kindness by recording some of the kind things people do for us and giving ourselves a pat on the back by recording some of the kind things we do for others too. We are also making more of an effort to notice the things in our lives that make us happy; the things we a re grateful for. We’re recording these on our Sacred Space too.


Some people are trying to give up sweets, technology, meat, palm oil or some bad habits this Lent. Others are taking up new routines by spending more time playing outside, with their family, doing the things they love to do and practicing their skills and talents.


“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You; that would be enough” Meister Eckhart

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Here in St. Louis we love to celebrate our wonderful grandparents.

They were invited into school to talk to our classes and then they listened to the magnificent choir sing.

It was a great day.

Catholic School Week 2018

We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis. We all came together during the week and listened to stories and prayed together.


Celebrating Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis

All of the pupils went to the hall this week to attend an assembly about Catholic Schools week.

Advent service 2017

This year we all went to Halla Cullen and had an advent service. We listened to stories and prayers and said our own prayers this Christmas. The choir sang some beautiful songs.

Thanks to Mr. Mooney for organising the event.

Celebrating St. Brigid’s Day in Room 1

St. Brigid is a patron saint of Ireland. We read the story of St. Brigid on Monday and made these beautiful St. Brigid’s crosses to celebrate her feast day.