St. Brigid’s Crosses by Room 1

We celebrate the feast of St. Brigid on February 1st. People weave crosses of rushes on this special day.

‘Little beings’ in Room 6

The children in Room 6 created ‘Little Beings’. They know that everyone is special and unique.

Prayer garden

On Thursday April 10th, Room 4’s sixth class students worked very hard planting, weeding, sweeping and watering flowers in the parish prayer garden.

We joined up with some boys from St. Mary’s to show the community at work in our parish.

There will be a special blessing of this prayer garden on Saturday night after the youth mass at 7pm.

Room 6 – Little Beings

The boys and girls in room 6 had lots of fun making their little beings.  They know that everyone is special and unique.

Room 2’s little beings

Room 2 had lots of fun making their little beings.

They have been learning that we are all individuals but being together is always lots of fun!

Happy St. Brigid’s Day from Room 3

Today is February 1st, St. Brigid’s feast day.

Brigid made a cross out of rushes.

Room 3 made crosses from art straws.

St. Louis Communion 2012

A lot of fantastic 2nd class pupils made their First Holy Communion on Saturday the 12th of May.

All of the boys and girls were brilliant at saying their prayers and singing the songs.

Everybody looked so lovely too.

Well done to all the boys and girls (and teachers!)

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis


Catholic Schools Week 2012 begins on Sunday 29th of  January.

Over the past three years parishes throughout the country have responded greatly to the invitation to take time during this week to celebrate the contribution  made by Catholic Schools to their communities.

In St. Louis SPS we are going to celebrate Catholic Schools Week from Monday 30th of January.