Room 10 – Lava lamps – Materials

Room 10 were very busy making lava lamps. They investigated how oil and water mix and then they added sugar to test if the oil and water would mix.

They look really great.

Room 1 – Science Experiment with Room 14 – Materials

The boys and girls in Room 1 really enjoyed learning about acids and bases with Ada and Eve from Room 14. Room 1 have been learning about materials in Science & today we created our own exploding volcano! We’re already looking forward to our next peer tutoring activity!

Acids and bases in Room 14 – Materials

We were learning all about acids and bases in Science recently and how to use litmus paper to determine if a substance was an acid or a base. We then used the pH scale to match up with the colour of the litmus paper. We also did a fun ‘mystery liquids’ experiment and using our new knowledge and scientific skills, we were able to identify them!

Volcanoes in Room 4 – Volcanoes – Materials

Room four have been very busy working as scientists and engineers. Have a look at some of our work making volcanos and earthquake proof structures!! 

Learning about electricity in Room 11 – Energy and Forces

We’ve been learning all about electricity in Room 11! We rubbed balloons on our jumpers to create static electricity. Because of the static energy, the balloons were able to pick up small pieces of paper and Rice Krispies! It was so much fun!

Testing for acids and bases in Room 15 – Materials

We were learning all about acids and bases and the pH scale in science this week.

We learned that an acid will turn litmus paper red and a base will turn it blue.

We experimented with cola, baking soda, washing powder, soap, sugary water, alka-seltzer, orange juice, vinegar and lemon juice. The results were very interesting.

Minibeast hunt in Room 4 – Living things

The Millennium playground was home to many minibeasts!

Transpiration in Room 15 – Living things

Room 15 were learning all about transpiration in science this week.

We discussed what transpiration is and how water travels up through a plant and onto the petals. That water is then evaporated up by the sun.

To show this, we conducted an experiment using flowers and coloured water.

The coloured water travelled up through the flower and you can see the colour change in the petals.

We were able to prove transpiration.

Room 11 – learning about heat – Materials

Room 11 had lots of fun in science class this week. We are learning about heat so we decided to conduct an experiment. We were wondering what would happen when we applied heat to chocolate.

In order to find out, we made yummy Rice Krispie buns! 

We learned all about chocolate changing from a solid to a liquid and we really enjoyed eating them too!