Science fun in Room 12 – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 12 were learning the functions of a tree trunk by experimenting with celery.

Room 14 – Minibeast hunt – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 14 conducted a minibeast hunt in the Millennium Playground this week. We looked at the different habitats in the school environment and using pooters and magnifying glasses, we were then able to examine and classify the various minibeasts that we found. We never knew that so many different creatures lived in our school environment! We found worms, woodlice, flies, spiders and millipedes to name a few! It was loads of fun. We then wrote up our results back in the classroom.

A scientist visits Room 16 – Space Week

Tom Mc Cormack (Ben’s dad) visited room 16 to talk to the children for space week. He explained about space to the children: the vast spaces between celestial bodies, the things that float around up there, the extremes of temperatures etc. He explained what’s needed to launch a satellite and he did some experiments on gravity and with liquid nitrogen. Thank you Tom!

Celebrating Space Week

Room 3 and Room 13 took part in some exciting science experiments as part of Space Week. A big thank you to Tom Mc Cormack from UCD for coming in to talk to us!


Science in Room 12 – sense of taste – Ourselves and Living Things

Tasting sour, bitter, salty and sweet food in school as we learn about our sense of taste. 

Science in Room 12 – Ourselves and Living Things

The boys and girls had great fun building a skeleton. The learned a lot about the bones in the skeleton.