Room 16 – Engineering

The pupils in Room 16 were busy building structures and bridges using different materials.


Construction in Room 10 – Forces and Energy

The boys and girls used spaghetti and marshmallows to create structures.

They were being great engineers.

Engineering in Room 11 – Forces and Energy

Future engineers! Room 11 had great fun designing and building using K’nex!

Making spaghetti structures – Forces and Energy

Marshmallow and spaghetti structures were constructed in pairs using basic pyramid structure.

Eggsperiment in Room 13 – Forces and Energy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a flying egg!

The budding engineers and aeronauts of Room 13 were challenged with the eggciting task of designing and creating a parachute which would allow Humpty Dumpty to float safely to the ground.  

It was eggssential that they took great care when designing their parachute and were careful to take both gravity and air resistance into account when designing their parachute.

The task was very well eggsecuted with a respeggtable 2 out of 6 Humpty Dumpty survivors.

Well done on a cracking effort Room 13!

Building bridges in Room 15 – Engineering

Room 15 (5th class) were learning about balance and suspension with Ms. Ray.

We built bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows and made suspension with string. The bridges had to be strong enough to balance.

5th class trip on a barge – Engineering

The 5th classes have been learning about the Grand Canal and were lucky enough to go on a barge trip this week.

We went onto the barge and learned how the locks work through engineering. The lock keeper showed us how the locks work.

It was so interesting.

Thanks to Ms. Hartigan for organising this brilliant trip.

Building bridges in Room 3 – engineering

We designed and made a variety of materials to build bridges. We explored how strong the structures were. We then tested them using different weights. We decided how to make the bridges stronger.