Room 12 – learning about weight – Maths

Room 12 are learning about weight in Maths!

Room 12 – learning about measurement – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 5 helping Room 12 measure their body parts for Maths.

Room 12 – Maths with 6th class

The boys and girls in Room 5 were making new maths games and went to the second classes to play the games with them.

Everybody had great fun learning maths through new games and activities.

2nd class at the maths fair – Maths Week 2017

Everybody was very busy using their maths eyes at the maths fair this year.

4th class – Mathemagician trip!

Fourth class had a fantastic day at the Helix, where they had their
minds blown by Andrew Jeffrey the mathemagician! He performed lots of
exciting maths magic tricks and showed us all some good tips on
remembering our tables. What a great way to celebrate maths week!

Maths Week 2017

We were celebrating Maths Week this week in school.

Mr. Mooney organised lots of great activities for the whole school.

There were estimation stations, daily maths questions for each class and a maths fair during the week. Lots of teachers did some maths trails and activities with their classes too.

At the maths fair there were activities in time, length, weight and shape.

It was great fun and thanks to Mr. Mooney and all of his helpers for a super maths week!!


Take on the Teachers Challenge 2017

This year the whole school took part in a ‘Take on the Teachers Challenge’

All of the pupils went up against lots of teachers all day in different events on Thursday 28th September. We were celebrating National Fitness Day in our school.

It was so much fun taking part in the different events such as:




Hoola hoop challenge

Bean bag toss

Basketball shots

Penalty shootout

Plank off

Wall sit challenge.


We kept track of the score all day using tally markings to see who would win between the pupils and the teachers. It was a great way to get fit and active as a whole school!!

Maths fun in Room 10

We love maths Fridays in room 10! We had lots of fun problem solving and teaching each other new games! Have a look! 

Friction in Room 7 – Forces and energy

Room 7  were learning about friction in science. They were testing various surfaces on a ramp to measure how far the roller would travel depending on the friction level on each of the 4 ramps.

They used metre sticks for their measurements. The ramps were all at the same height to make sure the test was fair.


Making paper planes in Room 17 – Maths and forces and energy

The pupils in Room 17 designed their own paper planes while learning about forces and energy. They used different designs to investigate how far the plane would travel.

They recorded the data on tables and used metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure how far the planes travelled.