Maths stations in Room 15 – Capacity

Room 15 were busy learning about capacity in maths.

Ms. Ray made 3 stations and we each got to go to all of them.

There was an interactive game for measuring, making smoothies based on different capacities and estimating and measuring.

It was great fun.

Using graphs in Room 6 – maths and science

Mr. Roche’s class were busy testing their fitness levels. They then worked on their fitness and coordination and tested the levels again. They used a spreadsheet to enter all of the information before and after improving their fitness levels.

They used graphs to show the differences.

Learning about 3-D shapes in Room 15 – Maths and engineering

Room 15 were working with Ms. Ray and learning all about 3-D shapes.

They made their own shapes with marshmallows and spaghetti.

They had to discuss their structures with the class.

Maths week in Room 14

As part of Maths Week, Room 14 completed lots of fun activities. We did a Maths trail around the school based on lines and angles, we visited the Maths Fair in the hall to complete different activities at different stations, we developed our skills in estimation and problem solving also. It was loads of fun!

Maths Trail in Room 15

We are doing lots of activities in Room 15 for maths week.

We were doing lots of maths activities all around the school on our maths trail. We thought up some interesting questions for the maths trail.

We had to measure and calculate different problems.

It was really good fun.