Engineering week in Room 9

Here are the pinwheel creations for engineering week in Room 9

Bird watching in Room 9

Room 9 went to the Grand Canal and were doing some winter bird spotting!

Famine Freeze frames in Room 13

In Room 13, we are learning all about the Famine. As a drama lesson, we created freeze frames in our pods to depict different famine situations. Can you guess which pod is showing an eviction, which is showing a soup kitchen, which is showing a work house and which is showing a coffin ship?

Room 13 Project Presentations to Room 15

Room 15 were so lucky to hear some of the wonderful project work that Room 13 have been doing on the Native Americans. We had a socially distanced presentation in the yard where Room 13 shared some wonderful facts and really showed off both their project and presentation skills! Well done!

Some Santa painting and learning about light in Room 10

Some fun in room 10 talking about how light travels and creating some amazing Santa Clauses with paint!

Learning about The Celts in Room 8

In Room 8 we have been working hard on our projects on The Celts. Everyone did a fantastic job! Congratulations  to project winners Roberto, Marta, Niamh, Eli, Ryan and Ianis!


Learning about the continents in Room 3

We were learning all about continents and oceans this week in Room 3!

Moveable fish in Room 10

Room 10 having a blast creating Moveable Fish inspired by the story of the Salmon of Knowledge!

Project presentation in Rom 16

We have all learned so much during our research on all sorts of animals!
Take a look at the fantastic projects created by Room 16!

Chemical reactions in Room 3

Jhonrave and Rian used a chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon! They mixed baking soda and vinegar inside a bottle and attached a balloon to the top opening of the bottle. When the baking soda and vinegar mixed, they created carbon dioxide. This gas began to expand the bottle and because it had nowhere else to go, it began inflating the balloon too.