Capital cities with Room 3

We learned about the capital cities in Europe!

Weight in Room 3

Room 3 learned how to measure the weight of items using a spring balance and a kitchen weighing scale.

Engineering in Room 3

Room 3 were engineers today! We designed and built a pulley system and bridge. Then demonstrated that each could support a weight.

Learning about Ancient Rome with Room 3

This term we researched The Ancient Romans.

Butterflies in Room 1

Our caterpillars are all grown up! See if you spot any in the millennium.

Marvellous medicines in Room 9

We are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children got to create their own Marvellous Medicine in class.

Growing cress in Room 9

Room 9 are comparing the growth of their cress seeds. Some jars were left in the sun and others in a cupboard. They could determine the importance of sun for plants.

The life cycle in Room 9

We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We were lucky to see Painted Lady butterflies before they get released to nature.