So-fish-ticated Chalk Art in Room 13 🦑

Room 13 produced some beautiful ocean-inspired art this week using oil pastels on a black background. What do you think? Are you jelly-ous of our works of art?

Waterway to End the Year!

Room 13 were lucky enough to set sail to the Grand Canal today for a barge trip on the Guinness Heritage Canal Barge MV Cadhla. We had such a lovely time seeing our city from a new perspective. We saw an abundance of wildlife such as pike and even moorhen! The Captain, Sam, told us a lot about how canals work and we were even treated to Croissants while on board!

Room 13 would like to say a big thank you to Alex and his parents for organising this wonderful trip for us!

Spud-tacular times for Room 13

It’s safe to say they are thriving under the care of Room 13 as the shoots have shot up from just 3cm on the 27th April to an incredible 78cm on the 25th of May! That’s 75cm of growth in just 4 weeks. We are delighted with our potatoes progress and are looking forward to harvesting them very soon!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Pharaoh-ist of them all?

The students of Room 13 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. This past week they have been busy transforming themselves into Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

What do you think? Are these the best Pharaohs you’ve ever seen? Or are you in de-Nile?

What do you sphinx of our Egyptian Art?

This week the boys and girls of Room 13 designed a Sarcophagus for an Egyptian Pharaoh. We first planned our designs on paper before picking up our tools and setting to work. We used a template for the shape of the sarcophagus and then carved intricate designs. Once our clay designs were dry we then used paint to add even more detail. What do you sphinx of our work?!

Canal trip in Room 2

Room 2 really enjoyed learning all about the flora and fauna along the Grand Canal with wildlife expert Éanna ní Lamhna and investigating pollution in the canal. It’s cleaner than you’d think!

Kilmainham Gaol visit for Room 2

Room 2 really enjoyed a day out to Kilmainham Gaol with a guided tour around this historical building. We saw some of the cells where the 1916 rebels were imprisoned and the yard where some of them were executed. We were happy to enjoy lunch in some wide open spaces after all that confinement!

Static electricity in Room 4

Room 4 learned all about static electricity this week. We rubbed balloons on our hair to create an electrical charge and then had great fun creating crazy hairstyles! We learned that the static electricity enables the balloons to stick to the wall and pick up tiny bits of paper also!
We were ecSTATIC in science class today!

Electricity in Room 1

Room 1 had fun today exploring the concept of static electricity. Static electricity is the build-up of an electrical charge on an object. We used static electricity to make hair stand up, move a can without touching it, and even pick up pieces of paper using a balloon!

SPUd-tacular updates from Room 13

We hope you’ve kept your eyes peeled in the Millennium Playground and have noticed our potatoes tiny shoots appearing. Our little potato plants have started to peek through the soil soak up some of the lovely Spring sunshine and today we measured their shoots and counted their leaves and will do this weekly until the Summer holidays. Stay tuned for some hot potato updates. 🥔🌱