Learning about France in Room 1

Room 1 are busing learning about France. We combined a French artist (Georges Seurat’s pointillism) with a French monument to create these beautiful Eiffel Tower art pieces.

Science week fun in Room 2

World War projects in Room 15

We were working hard learning about World War 1. We completed projects and artwork.

Science fun in Room 7

Message – Room 7 have been very busy learning about electricity and making electrical circuits, putty and slime. We have launched rockets, made skittle rainbows and lava lamps. We have  erupted a volcano and created a tornado . We have grown crystals, inflated a balloon, balanced eggs, made fake snow and an electric magnet.

Catapults in Room 10

Making catapults for Golden Time on Room 10 this week #stemfun

Native American Projects in Room 8

Room 8 are finished creating their Native American projects. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and are so proud of the product. We worked hard on them for almost month and had great fun presenting them on Friday last. Check them out on display outside of our classroom!

Forensic science in Room 5

We were learning all about the skin and fingerprints. We printed our own fingerprints and studied whether they were loops, arches or whorls.

Transpiration with Room 5

We were busy learning how water is transported through plants through a process called transpiration.

Explosive excitement in Room 5

We were learning about chemical reactions in Room 5.


We experimented with baking soda and vinegar. Carbon dioxide was created in tiny bubbles and those bubbles escaped in a volcanic eruption style!


It was great fun!