Room 7 – science fun!

The boys and girls were very busy exploring electrical circuits, conductors and insulators.

It was great fun and we learned so much.

Science fun in Room 7

The pupils in Room 7 were exploring magnetism.

Science fair fun in Room 7

Room 7 invited second and third classes to learn about Detective Skills, Taste and Smell, Floating, Magic Colours and Flight.

Scientists in Room 7

Science Demos to rooms 12,and 5 . The experiments were about Elephant Toothpaste, Exploding Volcanoes and Magic Colours.

It was great fun and we learned so much!

Room 7 – Bug detectives

After our fieldtrip to Belgrave Square, we brought some mini beasts back for closer inspection.

A visitor to the Green School Committee

Room 13 and the green school committee were very lucky to have Beekeeper Geraldine Byrne come and talk to us about bees, beekeeping and what we can do to help the bees. We learnt about the stages of bees, the jobs they have and how much work the women bees do!
Leave some facts that you learnt in the comments 🙂

Room 12 – Having a blast at the Science Blast

Room 12 attended Science Blast in the RDS with their project ‘How to create an erupting volcano’. It was an insightful and fun day out!

Bee seed bombs in Room 13

As part of the action to achieve our 5th green flag for biodiversity, we are looking at ways to encourage life in our school. Ms Ivers kindly came in and taught us about the importance of bees and the ways different countries are helping them. Using clay, soil and seeds we created bee seed bombs which is perfect for pollinators. We can’t wait until the weather is drier to put these into some grassy/wild areas!

Mexico projects in Room 17

We in Room 17 worked hard for the past month on group projects about Mexico. Every person in each group had a different role  and each group researched and based their project on a different aspect of Mexico.


We presented our projects to Room 1, who were a wonderful audience. They asked some great questions and gave us some wonderful feedback. We even sampled some Mexican foods including guacamole and salsa!


Everyone really enjoyed the presentations and it was great to celebrate all of the hard work we put in 😊

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Room 1 were learning all about Chinese New Year. We made paper dragons.

This year is the Year of the Rat!