Busy September in Room 6

September has been a very busy month for all in Room 6. We have been learning about recount writing, the human skeleton, County Meath and all about schools in the past! We are also being extra kind to try our best for Friendship Fortnight. We are keeping track of our acts of kindness and we conducted a Friendship Egg Experiment.

Our focus is that ‘Kindness costs nothing, but means everything’


Finished projects in Room 14

Taaa daaaaa! These are our finished country projects. We worked hard at our research and design.

Maths in Room 1

In room 1, we’ve been using cards to help us learn. We have used them to play games about greater than and less signs. We took a break to improve our STEM skills and see the different ways we could build towers with the cards!
These are some of  our results!

Social inclusion in Room 17


Children from room 17 holding up their posters that were displayed around Rathmines for Dublin City Council’s Social Inclusion week 2020.

Project work in Room 14

We are busy doing some last minute research for our country projects! Stay tuned for the finished product 🙂

Celebrating Tree Day in Room 16

We celebrated National Tree Day in room 16 by creating beautiful tree designs!

History homework in Room 9

The pupils were sharing their homework about toys from their past for History.

Tree day in Room 9

Horse Chestnut Tree Day Out. We took rubbings of the tree’s leaves and collected conkers.

Tree Day in Room 11

We had a fantastic time on our tree hunt to celebrate Tree Day! We did some leaf rubbings into our copies and talked about the different types of trees near our school. We also have our very own oak sapling, which Matthew kindly brought from his garden! Annie kindly brought in some oak leaves, conkers and acorns too! We understand the importance of trees in our ecosystem. We love trees in room 11!

Learning all about Dublin in Room 5

Room 5 were learning all about our capital city – Dublin. We learned about the many different things we can do in the city and we created our own tourist leaflets full of interesting tourist attractions in Dublin.

They look great!