Butterflies in Room 1

Our caterpillars are all grown up! See if you spot any in the millennium.

Marvellous medicines in Room 9

We are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children got to create their own Marvellous Medicine in class.

Growing cress in Room 9

Room 9 are comparing the growth of their cress seeds. Some jars were left in the sun and others in a cupboard. They could determine the importance of sun for plants.

The life cycle in Room 9

We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We were lucky to see Painted Lady butterflies before they get released to nature.

Learning about the EU in Room 13

We learnt all about the European Union in Room 13. As part of this topic, each of us researched for and put together a project on an EU country. We presented our projects to our pods and learnt so much from one another as each of us were assigned a different country. The EU was an interesting topic to learn about and we loved finding out about different European cultures through our own research and through the research of others.

Room 16 – Easter Rising 1916

Room 16 working collaboratively on their 1916 Easter Rising groups projects. Creativity, teamwork and research skills are being shown in abundance! Keep up the great work Room 16!

Learning about life in Room 1

Room 1 have been exploring what is needed for various forms of life. We are keeping a close eye on our 10 caterpillars who will be released into the millennium in a couple of weeks as painted lady butterflies.
We have also been looking at what plants need to grow and how they respond to light.