Friendship postbox in Room 13

As part of Friendship Fortnight, Room 13 made a Friendship postbox! You could put something in there for someone (a nice message or picture, some people even sent homemade gifts and treats!). The post would quarantine in the box for a few days and then we would distribute it! Having the FF postbox provided great excitement and fun! 🙂

We had a lovely friendship fortnight assembly today. Congratulations to everyone for taking part in friendship fortnight this year.

Social inclusion in Room 17


Children from room 17 holding up their posters that were displayed around Rathmines for Dublin City Council’s Social Inclusion week 2020.

Zoom assembly in Room 9

There was lots of excitement for their first Zoom Assembly with Mrs Hanrahan and the other 2nd classes.

Pod games in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 enjoy pod games on a Friday!

Freindship Fortnight in Room 8

We had a great start to Friendship Fortnight in Room 8 this week! We’ve enjoyed playing outside in the sun and doing random acts of kindness for each other. We’ve just started our friendship posters so stay tuned for more updates next week!


Friendship Fortnight in Room 5

We were very busy discussing how to be a good friend in Room 5. We spoke about the qualities of a friend that we like.

Then we wrote about all the attributes of our own friends in the classroom. They didn’t know all the lovely things we wrote about them until they got their page! It was so great hearing what our classmates think of us as friends! We felt super

Well done Room 5 – you are all great friends and great people!


Back to school in Room 13

Room 13 had a wonderful September, settling back into the routine of school very well. We worked really hard and learned lots about different things, including the History of St Louis, the Mountains, Rivers and Deserts of the world. Have a look at our timelines and map work in the pictures posted! We’re also reading Charlottes Web at the moment, which is really relevant as it’s all about friendship and we’re celebrating Friendship Fortnight on our school. We love the quote “Friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world”. We’ve also done some Autumnal Art we’d like you to see! Some of us used paint to colour, while others used colouring pencils and markers.

Freindship Fortnight in Room 11

We are celebrating Friendship Fortnight in room 11! We made flowers and listed different ways to be a good friend in each petal!

2nd class assembly

Second class enjoyed a virtual assembly today with Ms Hanrahan. We looked at the school Golden Rules, talked about being a crew and Ms Hanrahan even read us a funny story about not eating your classmates! Thanks Ms Hanrahan!