Halloween in Room 17

When Halloween was coming up we decided to put up Halloween decorations. This Halloween was very fun in St. Louis Primary school.

By Alex Plesca & Darragh O’Brien

GOAL jersey day in Room 17

On goal Jersey Day we raised 65 euro from room 17.  And we hope we will raise more money next year. 😊 On Jersey Day we wore Jerseys.  The most popular jersey was the Ireland jersey.

By Alex Plesca & Darragh O’Brien

Team Hope shoe box appeal 2018

St. Louis was very happy to take part in the Team Hope Shoe box appeal.

The shoe boxes were filled with lots of different toys and clothes for boys and girls around the world who are less fortunate than us.

WOW – look how many boxes we filled to donate to others this Christmas??!!

Well done everyone who donated!

Halloween fun in Room 11&12

As we have been learning about different Halloween traditions Room 12 and Room 11 took part in an apple bobbing competition on Friday. 
They also made some delicious Halloween treats!

Friendship egg-speriment in Room 2!!

Room 2 were busy doing some scientific experiments with eggs. They related it to friendship in that the more salt that was in the water, the more the egg floated. It’s the same with complimenting our friends.

The more you help and compliment them, the higher they will float!!

Halloween dress up day 2018

The pupils were dressed up in all kinds of costumes on the day of the mid term.

Everyone looked great.

We even had another Ms. Hanrahan!!

Pumpkin carving in Room 15

Room 15 were busy getting ready for Hallowe’en. They were helping with cleaning out the pumpkin (named Patricia!) before carving!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

St. Louis Friendship Fortnight assembly

All of the pupils and teachers gathered in Halla Cullen to mark the end of another successful Friendship Fortnight.

We learned about how to be a good friend and we learned that we are all different and great. We watched videos all about friendship and sang lots of lovely friendship songs.

Thanks to Mr. Mooney and Ms. Clerkin for organising such a great assembly and Friendship Fortnight.

Shoe box appeal in Room 17

For the shoe box appeal our class brought in 6 shoe boxes in the first 9 days! The shoe box appeal is to help the kids who are living in bad conditions. To make their life happier, in the shoe box you can put toys, things to wash, clothes, teddies, socks, sunglasses and lots more.

Written by Theo and Eduard

Spreading lovely vibes in Room 15

During friendship fortnight this year Room 15 were thinking of their favourite things about their classmates.

We shared them with each other. Check out all the lovely compliments we wrote for each other.

It was a super day!