More Halloween fun!

Learning about food in Room 1

Room 1 have been learning about food with Ms Butler. We made pizzas with our favourite toppings in art, learned how food in the past in history and even made our own butter! We also made musical instruments using pasta and rice.

Healthy eating in Room 9

Group work activities:  The pupils were creating a healthy eating project in their pods.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from lots of pupils in St. Louis SPS!

Fire drill in St. Louis

Today we practiced our fire drill in St. Louis SPS while sticking to social distancing government guidelines.

Meet Pedro!

This is the Room 5 pumpkin. He will be going to another home over the mid term – but who will be the lucky winner!?

Room 4 have has a busy October

We have had a lot of fun in Room 4 this October. With Friendship Fortnight, Maths week and Halloween prep, we have been very busy. We’re certainly ready for a good rest on the midterm break. We’re really looking forward to our pumpkin raffle on Friday, I wonder who will win. Happy Halloween everyone!


Busy September in Room 6

September has been a very busy month for all in Room 6. We have been learning about recount writing, the human skeleton, County Meath and all about schools in the past! We are also being extra kind to try our best for Friendship Fortnight. We are keeping track of our acts of kindness and we conducted a Friendship Egg Experiment.

Our focus is that ‘Kindness costs nothing, but means everything’


Friendship postbox in Room 13

As part of Friendship Fortnight, Room 13 made a Friendship postbox! You could put something in there for someone (a nice message or picture, some people even sent homemade gifts and treats!). The post would quarantine in the box for a few days and then we would distribute it! Having the FF postbox provided great excitement and fun! 🙂