Room 9 visit Santa

There was great excitement in Room 9 as the boys and girls visited Santa’s winter wonderland!

Room 15 visit Santa

Room 15 visited Santa in his wonderful winter wonderland forest last week. It was filled with all the beautiful trees that we decorated. Santa gave us a lot of his time and picked the very lucky winners Leah and Ella as the Crown Competition winners! Well done girls!

A big thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising this magical event.

Room 5 visit Santa

Room 5 were invited to a winter wonderland in Halla Cullen today. It was beautifully decorated with amazing trees from each classroom. We met Santa and spoke to him and showed off our crown creations.

It was a super day. Thanks to the Parents Association for all of their hard work in our school.

Golden time fun in Room 10

Room 10 having a blast learning how to play some card game for golden time this week!

Christmas preparation in Room 3

Room 3 have been very busy getting ready for Christmas!

Halloween Fun in Room 9

The pupils were creating Trick-or-treat bags and playing ‘The Flour Game’.

They were also dressed up in different costumes!

Halloween fun in Room 1

Room 1 celebrated Halloween on Friday. We read  Halloween stories that we had been working on. We wrote a procedure on how to turn somebody into a toad. We turned each other into mummies. We acted like vampires sucking up malteasers. We made a spooky Halloween torch art. We even managed to squeeze in a Halloween dance outside!!

GOAL jersey Day in Room 11

Today we celebrated GAOL Jersey Day in Room 11. We made posters and wore colourful tops and jerseys into school!