Park fun with Room 8

Room 8 having fun in the park!

Sports Day fun with Room 16

Room 16 had tremendous fun as we participated in Sports Day! We ran, jumped, hopped and crawled our way through a fun-filled day!

Carnivale with Room 6

We had great fun celebrating Carnivale.

Room 1 – School tour

The boys and girls had a great time on their school tour this year.

Learning Italian with Room 3

Laura taught us some Italian phrases today in Room 3, as we continued to learn all about Italy! Laura said our pronunciation was “eccellente”!

Cool down after Carnivale

Room 3 enjoyed some ice pops after Carnival!

Crossword winners in Room 3

Well done to our Bia crossword winners!

Millennuim fun with Room 3

Millennium fun in the sun!

Carnivale fun with Room 3

Carnival dance!

Cricket with Room 3

We spent six weeks learning how to play cricket. We really enjoyed it and learned so many new skills!