Festival vibes in Room 1

Room 1 had a great day at our festival FSR (Fun Summer Rainbows) last Friday. We had a disco, listened to our classmates performed and watched live performances from Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift!

ot chocolate party in Room 1

Room 1 had a hot chocolate party today to celebrate how hard we have worked this term!


Room 13 visit Santa’s Grotto

Room 13 went to Santa’s Grotto today to show off the Christmas Crowns they worked so hard on!


We all had such fun and got to ask Santa some interesting questions! Thank you to the St. Louis PA for organising it.

Room 5 visit Santa

Room 5 went to Santa’s Grotto today to visit Santa and show off their wonderful crowns!

Thanks to all the parents Association for organising such a brilliant event!

Pen licences in Room 7

Congratulatory song and dance at the presentation of Pen Licenses

Pumpkin fun in Room 5

We were carving our pumpkins this week in preparation for Hallowe’en. We will raffle them off at the end of the week!