Good teamwork in Room 16

Room 16 girls showing good teamwork in the Millennium playground.

Making new friends in Room 16

Sibilla and Vittoria’s last day. They were great friends and we hope they remember us in Milan. 

Room 12 – Fun in the park

Room 12 went to Harold’s Cross park for a picnic.

Learning with Mr. Lane

Room 15 were very lucky to get to learn with Mr. Lane.

We learned so much and has great fun!

Roomm 3 – Junior Achievement

Room 3 had a fantastic day out visiting the offices of KPMG! They were presented with their Junior Achievement certificates, had an opportunity to present their business ideas to the directors and even had a birthday celebration!

Slimy times in Room 13 – Materials and Change

Slime in Room 13

Are you amazed by the latest slime obsession? Well, making slime is actually Science! Slime is chemistry!

We experimented to observe and learn more about the process. We wanted to know whether you could make slime without Borate. However, we found that the borate is a key ingredient as it mixes with the PVA glue to make a stretchy substance. The scientific term for this is called cross-linking!

PVA glue is a polymer, it is made up of long, repeated strands. These strands, otherwise known as molecules, flow past each other keeping the glue in a liquid state! When you add the borate to the mixture, it starts to connect these long strands together. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and is thicker and rubberier like slime!

Adding water is also really important when you’re making slime. Imagine leaving glue out for a period of time, it would go hard and rubbery. The water prevents this from happening.

We also added a dash of food colouring to our experiment to make our slime look a little more aesthetically pleasing!!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis

We all came together on our lá glas for a school assembly. We heard stories and Irish music. We saw some pupils and Mr. Mc Garrigle dancing. It was great fun.

5th classes were invived to Rathmines Road for a Rathmines St. Patrick’s Day festival. We saw dancers and herd music from the pupils in St. Louis High School. We all danced together.


Room 15 attend the IRFU open training session

The boys and girls in Room 15 were very lucky to attend the Aviva Stadium and see the National rugby team training and meet some of the players.

We saw the under 20’s team and the national team that day. It was a super day!