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  1. OMMGGGG!!!!! Well done st.louisπŸ‘ on the activities you guys do.I already miss the school so much…But i promise i will visit.

  2. Hi its hana.I already miss st louis😣😣.we all gone through tough time,espcially when we lost pir beloved principal,but its ok because hes in our hearts and in our prayers.I would like to thank all the teachers who teached me in school,thx so much for teaching me from 2nd to 6th.Im hoping to see st louis sps again,and hoping to see and ms.neill again.

  3. This is a sad time, but we can all get through it as a school together. We are one big family.

  4. The first day of 5th class only felt like yesterday. I’m going to miss Ms.Neil.;_;

  5. All 5th and 6th are doeing a project on Rathmines(love doeing projects). We got a new awsome principal called Mr.Carney.Also an awsome teacher
    called ms.Neill.Having such a great time in 5th class!!!!!

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