Volcano experiment in Room 3

Georgia, Maeve and Noah created a model of a volcano. They then used this to show us differing reactions between Coca Cola and a variety of mentos sweets. We discovered that the spearmint mentos reacted better compared with the fruity mentos!

Sound experiments in Room 3

We used vocal sounds and body percussion to create sounds effects to a nocturnal scene! We made noises to show owls, rain, thunder, footsteps, leaves rustling, wind chimes chiming etc.

Water experiment in Room 3

Tommy demonstrated that his whiteboard marker was insoluble (wouldn’t dissolve in water). He drew a stick man inside a transparent bowl. Then he added some water. He gently tilted the bowl back and forth until the stick man began to float, intact, on the top of the surface of the water.

Chemical reactions in Room 3

Lucy showed us a chemical reaction. She mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a ziplock bag. This reaction caused the ziplock bag to open!

Adjective fun in Room 3

Room 3 had great practice with some new adjectives, as we passed out compliments to one another!

Novel work in Room 16

Great work being done on our class novel ‘Charlotte’s Web’.
A super display of comprehension, prediction and artistic skills being put on display daily!
Keep up the fantastic work Room 16!

Christmas poster competition in Room 3

Some of us in Room 3 chose to enter the RTE Christmas poster competition. We’re crossing our fingers!

Africa Project Work in Room 15

Room 15 have been busy learning about Africa in Geography. We completed this class project on all the African countries – it was such a fun and different way to do project work. Check out the project from the beginning to the final piece!

ICT and science week in Room 9

Room 9 were playing Science games on the school tablets!