Oral Gaeilge in Room 9

Room 9 practicing their Irish conversion skills using cards to help them.

Check out this great work by Room 14

Room 14 were busy looking at our lives and things we could not do without. The most common things were family, school and some type of food:)

Budding engineers in Room 16

Room 16 was busy engineering Da Vinci bridges!’ Great effort from everyone, working so well in their pods.

Snakes and ladders fun in Room 9

The boys and girls were learning all about counting and games in Room 9.

Learning about colours in Room 8

In art we have been learning about the colour wheel. We used cool and warm colours to create imaginative and colourful self portraits! Can you spot the resemblances?

Creativeness in Room 3

Room 3 was busy making some very creative bookmarks this week!

Oral stories in Room 3

Room 3 shared fantastic oral stories with the class!

First day back in 3rd class

Room 10 are really excited to be back together in 3rd class! We did some mask art to celebrate!

Artists in Room 5

Welcome back to school everyone from the budding artists in Room 5.

We drew ourselves with masks and then we finished drawing our faces and our classmates spoke about our wonderful personality traits. We drew them in too so we don’t forget how great we are!

First day in 4th class!

Room 8 were busy in their pods this week settling back into 4th class!