Learning about France in Room 1

Room 1 are busing learning about France. We combined a French artist (Georges Seurat’s pointillism) with a French monument to create these beautiful Eiffel Tower art pieces.

Drama fun in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on the topic of ollmhargadh and had great fun today acting out some naughty children shopping as Gaeilge!

ot chocolate party in Room 1

Room 1 had a hot chocolate party today to celebrate how hard we have worked this term!


Super gymnast in Room 1

Comhghairdeas to Martin from Room 1 who won a gymnastics medal at the weekend. We are very proud!

Data in Room 1

Room 1 have been learning about data and how to take a tally. We tallied the number of each colour in a smarties tube. It made for a very tasty maths lesson!

Room 1 go crazy for patterns

Room 1 have been learning about patterns. Our maths eyes have been on searching for patterns everywhere we go. Some children even wrote their own odd and even poems. We created beautiful pattern art using the initial of our first name. These can be spotted outside room 1. See how many patterns you can find!

Room 1 visit the past

Room 1 have been learning what farms were like in the past. People had to plough fields by hand, milk cows twice a day by hand and even make their own butter. We decided to make our own butter and see what it was like. Most of us agreed it was very tasty but some of us like the butter from the shops better. Either way- it’s much easier to buy in the shops than to make it every day!!

P.E at the Barracks with Room 1

Room 1 have really been enjoying going to the Barracks for PE. We practised team games which included moving a hulahoop all around a circle without letting each others hands go! After a few goes we were experts at it!!

Maths in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on subtracting two digit numbers. We used the iPads for the first time to say to practise our subtraction skills!

Marbling in Room 1

During English this week, room 1 have been exploring different art forms including paper maché, paper dolls and marbling . We decided to try our hand at one of them! We learned that this art process happens as oil and water don’t mix and oil floats to the top with the food colouring creating beautiful patterns. Our beautiful art can be spotted in room 1!