Room 1 – School tour

The boys and girls had a great time on their school tour this year.

Butterflies in Room 1

Our caterpillars are all grown up! See if you spot any in the millennium.

Capacity in Room 1

Active learning of capacity in room 1!

Learning about life in Room 1

Room 1 have been exploring what is needed for various forms of life. We are keeping a close eye on our 10 caterpillars who will be released into the millennium in a couple of weeks as painted lady butterflies.
We have also been looking at what plants need to grow and how they respond to light.

Patterns in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about patterns in maths. We used our maths eyes to discover patterns all around the school. Here are some of the patterns we made!

Engineers in Room 1

Engineering is problem solving and being creative in the way you think. Room 1 became engineers and made wind turbines, explored the best ways to make card towers and made things with links!

Peer tutoring with Room 5 and Room 1

Room 5 made Christmas Gaeilge worksheets and shared our work with the pupils in Room 1. We hope you enjoyed doing them Room 1.

November and December in Room 1

Room 1 have been learning lots. We made fairy doors out of clay. We practiced making change from €1. We played lots of Irish games!