Festival vibes in Room 1

Room 1 had a great day at our festival FSR (Fun Summer Rainbows) last Friday. We had a disco, listened to our classmates performed and watched live performances from Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift!

Communion preparation for the 2nd classes

Lots of children in second class are preparing for their Communion this month. After a practice in the church this week, room 1 were lucky enough to be given a tour of the church by Eoin. We learned lots! Thanks Eoin!

Electricity in Room 1

Room 1 had fun today exploring the concept of static electricity. Static electricity is the build-up of an electrical charge on an object. We used static electricity to make hair stand up, move a can without touching it, and even pick up pieces of paper using a balloon!

World Book Day in Room 1

Can you spot your favourite book characters?

Learning about France with Room 1

Room 1 have been learning lots about France. We learned about the country, the landmarks, some of France’s important history and famous French events such as Tour de France. We learned about famous French people such as fashion designers, inventors and artists. As part of our research we also got to sample some French foods! We presented our projects to Ms Biesty who was very impressed!

Learning about France in Room 1

Room 1 are busing learning about France. We combined a French artist (Georges Seurat’s pointillism) with a French monument to create these beautiful Eiffel Tower art pieces.

Drama fun in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on the topic of ollmhargadh and had great fun today acting out some naughty children shopping as Gaeilge!

ot chocolate party in Room 1

Room 1 had a hot chocolate party today to celebrate how hard we have worked this term!