Music in Room 1

Room 1 are learning the Rattlin’ Bog. They are so lucky to have such a wonderful fiddler in their class that is Oisín Ferrie. Oisín played along with the class- they had great fun singing! Well done Oisín!

Visiting Kilmainham Gaol with Room 1

Room 1 went to visit Kilmainham Gaol. We have been studying this in history and in drama. We had such a great time there!

PowerPoint presentations in Room 1

Room 1 were busy learning how to make PowerPoint presentations. We will be creating one each in our oral language and creative writing lessons!

Keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks!

Garda visit Room 1

Members of the Gardaí came to visit the 5th classes. They did a mock court. Room 1 had lots of fun pretending to be judges,  solicitors, the jury and robbers!

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 1

Room 1 were busy creating Chinese New Year art! 2019 is the year of the pig. Check out Room 1’s cool pigs, lanterns and fans!

5th class waterways trip

5th classes took a trip to one of the locks along the Canal last Friday. Stephen from Waterways met us there. We got on one of the boats and travelled through the lock! Stephen is a lock keeper so he is in charge of the gates and locks. He opened up the first gate for the boat to go through and we had to wait for the boat to lower with the water before we passed through the lock completely! It was really interesting! 

Canal projects in 5th class

The pupils in 5th class were learning all about our local Grand Canal. Eanna Ní Lamhna came into school and took us on a tour of the canal and told us all about its history, wildlife and plants.

The pupils then has to produce a project all about what they had learned. They worked very hard and Eanna came back into school to choose the winners of the project competition.


5th class school tour

5th classes went to The Crystal Maze this year for their school tour.

They split into groups and had to complete physical, mental and skill challenges to win crystals.

At the end of the day if they had reached enough crystals the school wins a trophy – St. Louis now owns a Crystal Maze trophy! Well done everyone.


It was a great day.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis

We all came together on our lá glas for a school assembly. We heard stories and Irish music. We saw some pupils and Mr. Mc Garrigle dancing. It was great fun.

5th classes were invived to Rathmines Road for a Rathmines St. Patrick’s Day festival. We saw dancers and herd music from the pupils in St. Louis High School. We all danced together.