Moveable fish in Room 10

Room 10 having a blast creating Moveable Fish inspired by the story of the Salmon of Knowledge!

Spellings For Me on the ipads in Room 10

Room 10 having an excellent time using the ipads to work on our Spellings For Me Programme!

News reporting in Room 10

Here are some photos of room 10 acting as new reporters and gathering information from journalists and eyewitnesses for the Room 10 News!!

First day back in 3rd class

Room 10 are really excited to be back together in 3rd class! We did some mask art to celebrate!

3rd classes meet an author!

This week some of the 3rd classes were lucky enough to meet Shane Hegarty, author of the Darkmouth and Boot series. Over the past few weeks we’ve been reading his book about a lost robot named Boot. We learned some great tips about writing and we had a chance to ask questions and share some of our ideas for robot inventions!

Room 10’s Got Talent

The boys and girls in Room 10 were sharing their talents with the class!

Peer tutoring and Spellings For Me

Room 1 and Room 10 got together to learn from each other when doing their Spellings For Me learning words.

It was great to help each other!

Comic Life in Room 10

Room 10 were having a great time using Comic Life on the iPads!

Shoebox appeal

Over 350 shoeboxes collected for the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal, wow!! A massive well done to everyone in St Louis for your kindness and generosity! That’s over 350 children who will get a Christmas present this year. Your kind gift will bring joy and excitement to these families this Christmas.

Team Hope Shoe Box appeal 2019

Children in St. Louis have been working hard to collect shoeboxes for the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. These shoeboxes will bring a smile to lots of children around the world.

Only 2 more days to bring shoeboxes in, keep up the good work everybody!