Capacity with Room 11

This week in Room 11 we are learning all about Capacity. Today we made the most of the lovely sun and we went out to measure the capacity of different containers using non-standard units 🙂

Communion preparation for the 2nd classes

Lots of children in second class are preparing for their Communion this month. After a practice in the church this week, room 1 were lucky enough to be given a tour of the church by Eoin. We learned lots! Thanks Eoin!

Room 11 – Tour day!

We had a great day on our school tour! We kicked the day off with a virtual tour from DSPCA, followed by a trip to Harold’s Cross park!

Bluebell art with Room 11

Room 11 drew bluebells for May Day!

Ice cream party in Room 11

Room 11 enjoyed an ice cream party while the sun was out!

Science week fun in Room 11

We are celebrating Science Week in room 11. We made spaghetti towers today. We designated jobs to each person in our group. These jobs included the planner, material collector, measurer, builder and surveyor. We had great fun building tall, structurally sound towers!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from lots of pupils in St. Louis SPS!