Learning about space in Room 11

Room 11 have been exploring the world of space and space travel. We wondered what food was like so we tried some space ice cream. It wasn’t cold and felt like styrofoam!

Rope art

Some of the pupils in Room 11 came up with a different way to use the skipping ropes in the yard when they were taking a break from being active!

PAWS certificates presented in the school

Room 11 were delighted to be presented with certificates to say that they had completed the PAWS Programme. Water safety is so important-especially as they undertake swimming lessons with St. Louis for the first time! Well done room 11 for all your hard work.


Story time in Room 11+12

Room 11 + room 12 were lucky enough to have Mr Bermingham tell us a story about Jack and his three wishes. He was very funny and we enjoyed it so much! Thanks Mr Bermingham!

Mothers Day celebrations in Room 11

Room 11 designed unique Mother’s Day cards for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or any other special person in their lives who  helps to takes care of them. They wanted to show them just how thankful they are.

Learning about healthy teeth in Room 1

Room 11 discovered the effects of different drinks on our teeth. We used hard boiled eggs for the experiment as we learned that they have the same enamel as in our teeth. We put one in water to use as our control (to compare it to), one in Coke and one in apple juice. We were surprised to see the apple juice was the most disgusting! It was great fun.

Static electricity in Room 11

Room 11 have been learning about static electricity. We rubbed the balloon in the same direction on our jumper or leg and the static electricity created was able to pick up small pieces of paper and even our hair!

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 11

Room 11 were learning about the amazing celebration of Chinese New Year. We learned about how they celebrate the occasion which includes a Dragon dance where people dress up in masks and costumes and do really cool dances. To celebrate, we made our own Dragon dance masks!

We hope you like them!

Movement in Room 11

Room 11 were practicing dance in PE. We looked at the different ways that we could travel and the different levels we could make new moves at.

It was great!