Science in Room 13

We had a great time investigating internal organs and the skin. Each group focused on one organ and presented it to the class. Did you know that your intestines are the length of two tennis courts?!

Snow globes in Room 13

We might not have snow outside (yet!) but it was snowing in room 13! We used glass jars and Christmas ornaments to make snow globes.

Procedural writing in Room 13

As we have been learning about procedural writing, room 13 took a trip to Milano restaurant, Milano to learn the procedure for pizza making! We each got to make our own pizza and they were delicious. The next day we wrote the recipe for the pizza . It was great fun!

5th class school tour

5th class went to the Crystal Maze on their school tour. They had so much fun!

Radio show in Room 13

We have really been enjoying Oral Language Lessons in Room 13!

We hope you enjoy the Radio Show that we put together for you all as our listeners…Please note, some of the content is fictional 😊


We hope you had a spoooktacular Hallowe’en Break!

Slimy times in Room 13 – Materials and Change

Slime in Room 13

Are you amazed by the latest slime obsession? Well, making slime is actually Science! Slime is chemistry!

We experimented to observe and learn more about the process. We wanted to know whether you could make slime without Borate. However, we found that the borate is a key ingredient as it mixes with the PVA glue to make a stretchy substance. The scientific term for this is called cross-linking!

PVA glue is a polymer, it is made up of long, repeated strands. These strands, otherwise known as molecules, flow past each other keeping the glue in a liquid state! When you add the borate to the mixture, it starts to connect these long strands together. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and is thicker and rubberier like slime!

Adding water is also really important when you’re making slime. Imagine leaving glue out for a period of time, it would go hard and rubbery. The water prevents this from happening.

We also added a dash of food colouring to our experiment to make our slime look a little more aesthetically pleasing!!

4th class – Mathemagician trip!

Fourth class had a fantastic day at the Helix, where they had their
minds blown by Andrew Jeffrey the mathemagician! He performed lots of
exciting maths magic tricks and showed us all some good tips on
remembering our tables. What a great way to celebrate maths week!

Eggsperiment in Room 13 – Forces and Energy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a flying egg!

The budding engineers and aeronauts of Room 13 were challenged with the eggciting task of designing and creating a parachute which would allow Humpty Dumpty to float safely to the ground.  

It was eggssential that they took great care when designing their parachute and were careful to take both gravity and air resistance into account when designing their parachute.

The task was very well eggsecuted with a respeggtable 2 out of 6 Humpty Dumpty survivors.

Well done on a cracking effort Room 13!

Celebrating Space Week

Room 3 and Room 13 took part in some exciting science experiments as part of Space Week. A big thank you to Tom Mc Cormack from UCD for coming in to talk to us!


Room 3 & Room 13 – visit with an author

Room 3 and Room 13 had a great morning in Rathmines library, where they were visited by the author Jackie Burke. We were lucky enough to hear extracts from both her 2nd and 3rd books in the Grindlewood Series and had the chance to ask questions about the series. Jackie also spoke about what it is like to  be an author and shared some great tips for story writing!