Learning about the EU in Room 13

We learnt all about the European Union in Room 13. As part of this topic, each of us researched for and put together a project on an EU country. We presented our projects to our pods and learnt so much from one another as each of us were assigned a different country. The EU was an interesting topic to learn about and we loved finding out about different European cultures through our own research and through the research of others.

Making pie charts in Room 13

Room 13 were painting during yesterday’s Maths lesson! Each pod came up a question to collect data on.  They then surveyed the class to collect their data. They then created and painted Pie Charts to represent this data. Check out our display on the top corridor to learn what our favourite subjects are, which class novels we’ve enjoyed most this year, to learn which projects we’ve enjoyed doing and lastly, what the most preferred PE activity is!

Debating in Room 13

In order to learn how to use persuasive language, Room 13 prepared for Pod Debates. Each pod was split into two teams and given a motion. We drafted and redrafted our speeches until we felt confident enough to engage in a debate with the opposition/proposition.
The four motions were as follows:
-School should start later.
-Uniforms are unnecessary.
-It would be good to be famous.
-Lunchtime should be longer.
Many thanks to Room 14 who were a wonderful audience. They listened intently and brought a lot to the experience by asking questions and voting to decide which team won.
In advance, we felt nervous. However, the debates were thoroughly enjoyable to watch and be a part of and there were many interesting and unplanned moments caused by interruptions from the other team with points of information!

Pod projects in Room 13

We are all delighted to be back to school in Room 13. It’s lovely to see each other again. We are working on ‘Pod Projects’, where each of us in our pod, has a different role. Every group has a Leader, a Delegator, a Recorder, a Researcher, an Artist and a Minder. It’s nice to connect with each other again, while learning lots. Our projects are on The 1916 Rising. We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Christmas village in Room 13

Room 13 worked so hard to construct a building each, recycling boxes to create a Christmas Village! It’s on display at the front of the school so make sure to have a look! Happy Christmas 🎄

Famine Freeze frames in Room 13

In Room 13, we are learning all about the Famine. As a drama lesson, we created freeze frames in our pods to depict different famine situations. Can you guess which pod is showing an eviction, which is showing a soup kitchen, which is showing a work house and which is showing a coffin ship?

Room 13 Project Presentations to Room 15

Room 15 were so lucky to hear some of the wonderful project work that Room 13 have been doing on the Native Americans. We had a socially distanced presentation in the yard where Room 13 shared some wonderful facts and really showed off both their project and presentation skills! Well done!

Christmas villages in Room 13

In Room 13, we are reusing materials from our recycling bins to construct different shaped buildings and create a Christmas Village! Stay tuned to see the finished result!

Project presentations in Room 13

In Room 13, we have been very busy working on projects about the Native Americans.
Today we got to show off our hard work by doing Project Presentations. We spoke about our different subheadings, read our favourite parts, talked about our drawings and about what we enjoyed and found difficult.
We learned so much from each other’s hard work and enjoyed the process of doing a project. 😊

Procedural writing in Room 13

We were learning all about Procedural Writing in Room 13 and each of us picked our favourite recipe and wrote it out to be included in a cookbook!
Adelina and Isabela designed a cover for the cookbook, which suits it perfectly! Thank you!
We will keep busy this mid-term break by trying out each other’s recipes!