Procedural writing in Room 13

We were learning all about Procedural Writing in Room 13 and each of us picked our favourite recipe and wrote it out to be included in a cookbook!
Adelina and Isabela designed a cover for the cookbook, which suits it perfectly! Thank you!
We will keep busy this mid-term break by trying out each other’s recipes!

Friendship postbox in Room 13

As part of Friendship Fortnight, Room 13 made a Friendship postbox! You could put something in there for someone (a nice message or picture, some people even sent homemade gifts and treats!). The post would quarantine in the box for a few days and then we would distribute it! Having the FF postbox provided great excitement and fun! 🙂

Back to school in Room 13

Room 13 had a wonderful September, settling back into the routine of school very well. We worked really hard and learned lots about different things, including the History of St Louis, the Mountains, Rivers and Deserts of the world. Have a look at our timelines and map work in the pictures posted! We’re also reading Charlottes Web at the moment, which is really relevant as it’s all about friendship and we’re celebrating Friendship Fortnight on our school. We love the quote “Friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world”. We’ve also done some Autumnal Art we’d like you to see! Some of us used paint to colour, while others used colouring pencils and markers.

Celebrating Tree day in Room 13

To celebrate National Tree Day, Room 13 learned all about the Birch Tree. We learned that there are two types of birch, the Silver Birch and the Downy Birch. The Downy tends to be smaller and more greyish white while the Silver Birch is has a more silver bark. Silver Birch leaves are more triangular with a pointed tip, while Downy leaves have more rounded leaves and a less pointed tip. We went outside to the green at the front of the school to study the Birch Trees there and see whether they were Downy or Silver Birch!

Seachtain na Gaeilge in Room 13

Room 13 had a wonderful SnG! The boys and girls spent time preparing treasure hunts for all the 2nd classes in St Louis. These hunts brought the children all around the school and they all even found a duais (prize) of milseán at the end!

Bee seed bombs in Room 13

As part of the action to achieve our 5th green flag for biodiversity, we are looking at ways to encourage life in our school. Ms Ivers kindly came in and taught us about the importance of bees and the ways different countries are helping them. Using clay, soil and seeds we created bee seed bombs which is perfect for pollinators. We can’t wait until the weather is drier to put these into some grassy/wild areas!

Learning new skills in Room 13

We are really enjoying having the students in from De la Salle school teaching us different sports. So far we have done rugby skills, football and tag rugby.

Pancake Tuesday in Room 13

We were so lucky that Ms Stone (expert pancake maker) came into our class to show us how to make the perfect pancake. To make the batter you need flour, milk and eggs. We all got the chance to flip the pancakes. Did you know the world’s largest pancake is bigger than 15m in diameter?!!!

Procedural writing in Room 13

Bhí seomra 13 ag foghlaim faoin bia.. so we decided the best way to learn was by ag deanamh oideas for milkshakes! They were very yummy and we learned lots of new vocabulary!

Eruptions in Room 13

Room 13 have been learning about rocks and volcanoes. We made a volcano in class using water, vinegar, bicarbonate soda, washing up liquid and food colouring. This chemical reaction showed us what it’s like when volcanoes erupt and spew molten rock.