Monster art in Room 14

These monster are ready for the Parent Association’s sponsored Monster Mosh!!


Finished projects in Room 14

Taaa daaaaa! These are our finished country projects. We worked hard at our research and design.

Project work in Room 14

We are busy doing some last minute research for our country projects! Stay tuned for the finished product 🙂

Irish trees in Room 14

Room 14 were looking at  Katie Holten’s Irish Tree Alphabet allows us to write with Irish Trees. The project explores language ecosystems and the importance of our words and the stories that we tell .

Project work in Room 14

Room 14 are working on their MiniBeast reports/projects. They are using the iPads to research the life cycles, diagrams and habitats. Keep an eye out for our finished product:)

Fantastic art in Room 14


Room 14 were very, very, very busy making Minibeasts that they saw around the school. We decided to give some of them a makeover with colourful shells, skins and more. Watch the video to see the finished products:)


Check out this great work by Room 14

Room 14 were busy looking at our lives and things we could not do without. The most common things were family, school and some type of food:)

Hi from the new Room 14 pods!

Hi from everyone in Room 14. We are getting used to working in our pods and we are ready for a great year!!