5th class – Irish dancing

The pupils in 4th year in St. Louis High School came to Halla Cullen this week to teach the 5th class pupils some Irish dancing.

It as great to learn a new dance. Thanks to the girls and teachers for coming from St. Louis High School to teach us.

Tag Rugby Blitz

This year the 5th classes have been learning lots of new rugby skills from Ken in Leinster Rugby.

All of the 5th classes went to Irishtown stadium to play tag against other schools in Dublin.

We used all the new skills that we had learned. Thanks Ken.

Ghosts in Room 14

Room 14 made some really spooky ghosts this week for Halloween. We made small structures first using balloons and toilet roll holders, then used plaster of Paris strips for the ghost itself. It was so messy but so much fun!

They’re pretty cool to make and if you like getting messy – it’s a great project!
Kristin, Room 14
You should definitely try them at home because they’re really easy. They’re great for spooking people at Halloween!
Rachel, Room 14

Garda visit the 5th classes

Garda Brendan, Garda Gavin and Garda Ciara visited the 5th classes this week to talk to us about safety at Halloween. They spoke about how to act safely, to look after our pets and how to enjoy celebrations safely. We did a couple of competitions where children won medals and certificates! 


It was great fun! Thanks to the Gardaí for taking time out to come to see us.

Room 14 – Minibeast hunt – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 14 conducted a minibeast hunt in the Millennium Playground this week. We looked at the different habitats in the school environment and using pooters and magnifying glasses, we were then able to examine and classify the various minibeasts that we found. We never knew that so many different creatures lived in our school environment! We found worms, woodlice, flies, spiders and millipedes to name a few! It was loads of fun. We then wrote up our results back in the classroom.

Room 14 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inventions

Room 14 created some amazing Willy Wonka inspired chocolate inventions after listening to Roald Dahl’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We made these using clay and painted them afterwards.

Drama in Room 14

Room 14 have been basing their last few Drama lessons around stories from our English lessons. We’ve explored strategies such as hot-seating, conscience alley and working on our improvisation skills.

5th class Grand Canal project competition

Eanna ní Lamhna came back into the school to judge the hard work of all the 5th class pupils on their Grand Canal projects.

She was very impressed with the work that had been put into them.

Well done to all the winners and all of the participants.

Football blitz

The Gardaí invited 5th class to the army barracks to take part in a soccer blitz.

We got to play lots of skill games, practice out penalty taking and play a match.

It was a super day and thanks to Garda Brendan for organising it and inviting us.

5th class school tour

Rooms 4, 14  & 15 went with the 6th classes to Lilliput Adventure Centre on their school tour.
We set off from school on the buses very early and travelled to Mullingar in Westmeath. We were all very excited to get there and start our activities.
We got to do loads of different games and activities like rock climbing, group games, capture the flag activity, Aeroball, kayaking, bog hopping, orienteering and archery.
It was an amazing day!