Active fun with Room 3

Room 3 were enjoying some active fun in the barracks!

Gaeilge with Room 3

Learning all about our friends and family in Room 3 as Gaeilge! 

Learning about energy in Room 3

Learning all about energy and how we can generate some energy ourselves with Pedalcents. Students in  Room 3 generated enough energy to power a PS5 for a few seconds, charge a phone as well as start an electric shower! 

This is me with Room 3

This Is Me art fun in Room 3!

Gaeilge with Room 3

Learning all about m’áit chónaithe in Gaeilge in Room 3!

Showing friendship in Room 3

Making friendship posters in Room 3!

School tour with Room 3

Room 3 had great day at Herbert Park. They were playing and enjoying a picnic for the day in the lovely sunshine!

Rap skills in Room 3

We looked at the basics of rap music today! We got a chance to write a rap in our pods and share it with the class. We wrote some very creative raps about animals, food, and a weekly plan!

Capital cities with Room 3

We learned about the capital cities in Europe!

Learning Italian with Room 3

Laura taught us some Italian phrases today in Room 3, as we continued to learn all about Italy! Laura said our pronunciation was “eccellente”!