Static electricity in Room 4

Room 4 learned all about static electricity this week. We rubbed balloons on our hair to create an electrical charge and then had great fun creating crazy hairstyles! We learned that the static electricity enables the balloons to stick to the wall and pick up tiny bits of paper also!
We were ecSTATIC in science class today!

Jumping skills in Room 4

In Athletics yesterday, the children were working on different hopping activities.

Learning about the skeleton in Room 4

In Room 4, we are learning all about The Skeletal System.
Today we made a life-sized skeleton! We had lots of fun while we have learned the names of many different bones and muscles in our bodies.

Super artists in Room 4

Check out our St. Patrick’s Day and Easter art! We had a lot of fun making the shamrock stain glass pictures and the funky bunnies. We completed the Illuminated letters whilst learning about Early Christian Ireland. Room 4

December fun in Room 4

We are having a great time preparing for the holidays!

Room 4 – November work

Check out our trip to the park and our ‘Trojan Horse’ art!

Science week in Room 4

We have been very busy scientists this week. We have made spaghetti towers, lava lamps, water chimes and learnt about some really cool famous scientists. We relaxed after all that hard work by doing some yoga poses.