Learning about Henri Matisse

We were learning all about the French artist Henri Matisse as our Artist of the Month in Room 5. We learned all about his impressionism art and his ‘painting with scissors’ technique.

We decided to take inspiration from his work and create our own collage art using his ‘painting with scissors’ technique. We than named our art pieces.

They turned out great!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Room 5

Room 5 were very busy crafting some St. Patrick’s Day hats and shamrocks. We hope everybody has a great day celebrating St. Patrick.

Peer tutoring with Room 5 and Room 1

Room 5 made Christmas Gaeilge worksheets and shared our work with the pupils in Room 1. We hope you enjoyed doing them Room 1.

Gaeilge stories in Room 5

Room 5 have been working very hard on their Christmas stories in Gaeilge. We invited the classes to a virtual reading of them. It was great fun and we hope you enjoyed them!

Room 5 visit Santa

Room 5 were invited to a winter wonderland in Halla Cullen today. It was beautifully decorated with amazing trees from each classroom. We met Santa and spoke to him and showed off our crown creations.

It was a super day. Thanks to the Parents Association for all of their hard work in our school.

Artist of the month in Room 5

For December we were learning about Wassily Kandinsky – A Russian artist that is well known for his abstract art and concentric circle art.

We took inspiration from his work and created some Kandinsky Christmas trees using oil pastels. They look great.

The make and do show 2020 in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were learning all about procedural writing and decided to make some tutorial videos using the procedural skills we learned.

We worked in our pods to write the scripts (remembering our procedural language), we prepared the onjects that we needed and we shot our tutorial videos.

We hope you enjoy them.

There are videos titled:

How to be safe in school during Covid-19

How to make hot chocolate

How to play sticks

How to make a paper Christmas wreath



Room 5 – P.E fun in the park

Room 5 went to Belgrave Square for P.E this week.

There was football, class hide and seek and chasing games going on! There was even some building!


Artist of the Month in Room 5

In November we were learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. He was an American artist that used ‘drip painting’ to express his emotions and express his feelings.

We used that technique to create our own masterpieces! We then studied the finished pieces of art and named them.

Engineering in Room 5 for Science Week

Pupils in Room 5 were designing and constructing their towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. Well done to the tallest tower builders. It measured over 70cm high!

(Until everyone saw Ms. Neill’s tower – measuring a whopping 81cm high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)