Cracking the code in Room 5

We were learning all about circuits and electricity in science. We learned about Morse Code and were practicing sending messages to each other using light and electricity. We tried to send messages from further and further distances!

It was great fun!

Super Hero Art in Room 5

The boys and girls were very creative in Room 6 and came up with their own super hero.

They designed their outfits and wrote about their background! It was great!

Report writing with Room 5

We were learning about report writing. We all chose 3 Olympic sports that feature in the Summer Olympic games and we had to write a report on them. We displayed them together on the notice boards at the front of the school.

It was great to learn so much about so many new sports!

Room 5 – sports day

We went to Kenilworth Park this year and took part in some super races and activities. It was great!

The we danced in Room 5!

Room 5 – Carnivale preperation

Room 5 were busy preparing for Carnivale by making some posters to decorate the yard.

Cricket skills in Room 5

Room 5 have really enjoyed learning and developing their cricket skills for the last few weeks with the coaches from Leinster Cricket Club.


We had great fun!


Cricket in 4th class

Room 5 and Room 8 went to Leinster Cricket Club today and were learning lots of cricket skills from the great coaches there.

It was so great and we can’t wait until next week!

Learning about Henri Matisse

We were learning all about the French artist Henri Matisse as our Artist of the Month in Room 5. We learned all about his impressionism art and his ‘painting with scissors’ technique.

We decided to take inspiration from his work and create our own collage art using his ‘painting with scissors’ technique. We than named our art pieces.

They turned out great!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Room 5

Room 5 were very busy crafting some St. Patrick’s Day hats and shamrocks. We hope everybody has a great day celebrating St. Patrick.