Canal trip in Room 2

Room 2 really enjoyed learning all about the flora and fauna along the Grand Canal with wildlife expert Éanna ní Lamhna and investigating pollution in the canal. It’s cleaner than you’d think!

More Crystal Maze fun!

5th class visit The Crystal Maze!

The 5th classes went on their school tour to The Crystal Maze.

The day was filled with fun challenges and activities. We had to earn crystals in order to win a trophy for the school.

We even got to do some water activities in the river. It was a super day!

New board games in Room 5

We were learning about procedural writing in English this week. We read all about the board game Jumanji.

We then got to design our own board games and write our procedural instructions for how to play them!

5th class trip to Kilmainham Gaol

Some of the 5th classes went on a trip to Kilmainham Gaol.

We were learning all about the 1916 Rising in history so this was a great trip to take.

It was a great trip and we learned so much!

Magic moments from Room 5

We were learning about procedural writing in Room 5. We were learning different magic tricks.

We got to perform our procedural magic tricks for the rest of our class.

Mr. Nally and Ms. Hanrahan were even part of our audience. Our minds were blown with the great magic.

Well done everyone!

Clay monsters with Room 5

We were painting our clay monsters today! They look great. One coat of gloss to go and then were finished our masterpieces!

Cricket with Room 5

We went to Leinster Cricket Club today to start some cricket lessons.

It was such great fun and our coaches were great!