Halloween Art in Room 5

Check out our spooky Hallo0ween houses!

Gaeilge oral language stories

We were celebrating Oíche Shamhna in Room 5 by writing Gaeilge stories. We read them out today and Ms. Hanrahan even came in to hear some of them.

Happy Halloween from Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy drawing some scary Frankenstein art this week.

Maths week challenge in Room 5

The boys ad girls in Room 5 went on a line hunt in the school. We were searching for vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular and diagonal lines!


Friendship Fortnight in Room 5

We were very busy discussing how to be a good friend in Room 5. We spoke about the qualities of a friend that we like.

Then we wrote about all the attributes of our own friends in the classroom. They didn’t know all the lovely things we wrote about them until they got their page! It was so great hearing what our classmates think of us as friends! We felt super

Well done Room 5 – you are all great friends and great people!


Learning all about Dublin in Room 5

Room 5 were learning all about our capital city – Dublin. We learned about the many different things we can do in the city and we created our own tourist leaflets full of interesting tourist attractions in Dublin.

They look great!

Artist of the month in Room 5

This month we were learning all about Vincent van Gogh. We were looking and responding to a lot of his different pieces of work over his lifetime and learned about his life.

We took inspiration from his work called ‘Starry Night’ and created our own pictures using chalk pastels.

They look great!


Spellings For Me in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy in their pods in the computer room today testing their spellings using Spelling For Me. We then got to use our new learning words in our Spellings For Me book. We did letter strings, mnemonics and found words within words.

It is such a great way to practice our spellings!

Rugby skills with Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 went to Cathal Brugha barracks for P.E this week and were practicing their rugby passing skills!