Science week in Room 6

The children in Room 6 really enjoyed doing some science experiments this week. We had great fun working as scientists!

Aboriginal dance in Room 6

Room 6 have really enjoyed learning about Australia this month. During P.E this week we had great fun creating some Aboriginal dances!

P.E with Room 6

Room 6 have been really enjoying their PE time down in the Army Barracks. This week we did relays and hoola hoop games. We were also working on our balancing skills. It was great fun!

Paper chain challenge in Room

Room 6 had great fun trying to create the longest paper chain. Each group received just 1 A4 sheet of paper, a scissors and a gluestick to make their paper chain. It was very close in the end!!

Sports Day fun with Room 6

Sports Day was great this year!

Carnivale fun with Room 6

We all had great fun at Carnivale!

Carnivale with Room 6

We had great fun celebrating Carnivale.

Sports day with Room 6

We had so much fun!

Happy Halloween from Room 6

Happy Halloween from all in Room 6! A big thank you to Luke’s Mam for doing an Art lesson with us over Zoom. We had great fun making our spooky Halloween Candle Holders.