ICT fun in Room 7

Research using our new tablets.

Science fun in Room 7

The pupils in Room 7 were exploring magnetism.

Science fair fun in Room 7

Room 7 invited second and third classes to learn about Detective Skills, Taste and Smell, Floating, Magic Colours and Flight.

Scientists in Room 7

Science Demos to rooms 12,and 5 . The experiments were about Elephant Toothpaste, Exploding Volcanoes and Magic Colours.

It was great fun and we learned so much!

Room 7 – Bug detectives

After our fieldtrip to Belgrave Square, we brought some mini beasts back for closer inspection.

Room 7 – learning about large numbers

Room 7 were working with steady hands, teamwork and large numbers.

3rd class school tour

3rd class had a brilliant school tour to Funtasia this year.

It was a great day!

Learning about forces in Room 7 – Forces and Energy

The children in Room 7 3rd class did an experiment on Forces and Energy, exploring the effects of friction on different ramp surfaces. They  integrated measuring in Maths  using meter sticks to measure the distance the cars travelled on ramps at varioius heights and with various levels of friction using a variety of ramps with sandpaper, carpet, corrugated cardboard and smooth wooden surfaces. 

Friction in Room 7 – Forces and energy

Room 7  were learning about friction in science. They were testing various surfaces on a ramp to measure how far the roller would travel depending on the friction level on each of the 4 ramps.

They used metre sticks for their measurements. The ramps were all at the same height to make sure the test was fair.