ICT and science week in Room 9

Room 9 were playing Science games on the school tablets!

Building fun in Room 9

Building towers with spaghetti and marshmallows!

Room 9 – more science week fun

We were learning about the link with our brain and our senses!

Water droplet examinations in Room 9

Room 9  were examining water droplets during science week!

Room 9 expermients

Room 9  were learning about water.

Learning about symmetry in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 were cutting, folding and highlighting to find symmetry in shapes.

Oral language lessons in Room 9

Some pupils in Room 9 were showing the class their pets. Talk and discuss during snack time.

Healthy eating in Room 9

Group work activities:  The pupils were creating a healthy eating project in their pods.

Halloween Fun in Room 9

The pupils were creating Trick-or-treat bags and playing ‘The Flour Game’.

They were also dressed up in different costumes!

Maths week activities in Room 9

Maths Game called  ‘Three in a Row’ for Maths week in Room 9.