Communion preparation for the 2nd classes

Lots of children in second class are preparing for their Communion this month. After a practice in the church this week, room 1 were lucky enough to be given a tour of the church by Eoin. We learned lots! Thanks Eoin!

Sports day for Room 9

All the 2nd classes went to Leinster Cricket Club and did lots of games and races. It was a great day.

Area with Room 9

Learning about area in Math.
We also did P. E in the rainbow yard.

Marvellous medicines in Room 9

We are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children got to create their own Marvellous Medicine in class.

Growing cress in Room 9

Room 9 are comparing the growth of their cress seeds. Some jars were left in the sun and others in a cupboard. They could determine the importance of sun for plants.

The life cycle in Room 9

We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We were lucky to see Painted Lady butterflies before they get released to nature.

Teddy Bear’s picnic in Room 9

Teddy Bears picnic in Room 9.The children sent in photos of their favourite teddies. We spoke about our teddies and listened to an Irish Story.

Active Irish P.E in Room 9

We had two fun visitors to room 9.
Ms Bennett taught us the Dreolín.
Gary came in to teach us P. E through Irish.

Engineering week in Room 9

Here are the pinwheel creations for engineering week in Room 9