2D shapes in Room 9

Room 9 were learning about 2d shapes in maths.

Room 9 visit Santa

There was great excitement in Room 9 as the boys and girls visited Santa’s winter wonderland!

Bird watching in Room 9

Room 9 went to the Grand Canal and were doing some winter bird spotting!

Christmas crowns in Room 9

The pupils were very busy this year making some wonderful crown creations!

Clay art in Room 9

Everyone was making clay Christmas decorations.

ICT and science week in Room 9

Room 9 were playing Science games on the school tablets!

Building fun in Room 9

Building towers with spaghetti and marshmallows!

Room 9 – more science week fun

We were learning about the link with our brain and our senses!

Water droplet examinations in Room 9

Room 9  were examining water droplets during science week!

Room 9 expermients

Room 9  were learning about water.